Worst Baby Products | www.lovedoinglife.com

Worst Baby Products | www.lovedoinglife.com


Ok readers, I am on a mission to find out the worst baby or toddler products and I need your help.

Most of you know I am pregnant and our bundle of joy will be making his/her appearance sometime around Christmas day. When I did research for baby products for Charlotte I read A LOT of amazon reviews. So many to the point that I was getting very overwhelmed. I did reach out to a couple of moms I know. I asked what product they could not live without but now I want to widen my research.

What is the baby product that was the biggest disappointment/completely unneeded? Spending excessive money on unneeded baby items is not a luxury Michael and I have so I would like to avoid that if possible. So tell me the baby and/or toddler product that really let you down. Also, a product that was a duplicate of another product. Or even a product that you thought was very safe for your child that ended up being a hazard. Overbuying baby products will make our life and home more complex. Streamlining products and simplifying life is the goal!

Thank you so much for your help!