This past weekend I had the privilege of helping a friend on her BIG day! Throughout the day, while the bride and bridesmaid were getting ready it had me reminiscing about my wedding day. When I got engaged all I could think about was, “How is my family going to pay for everything?” It was a huge concern. I grew up dreaming about my big day and the reality is if the money is not there then it just cannot happen.

We were incredibly blessed by the people around us. A woman who worked with my dad paid for the wedding venue, relatives and friends supplied the food, a friend set up the reception decor, a mentor performed the first part of the ceremony, my best friends made sure the wedding ran smoothly, a friend of my parents designed and made my wedding dress, and another friend of my parents gave us access to their mountain home for free for our honeymoon.

When you have caring, loving friends and family in your life, anything is possible. And the best part is – you have people to share it with. So when my mom’s friend mentioned that the wedding would be in town, we all jumped at the chance to help. I am a HUGE fan of weddings so I was all in! It was very special to witness the bride getting ready and having a few moments with her sisters and mother. (I cried, which is no surprise to those who know me)

The wedding was an intimate affair and quite special to witness. My hope and prayer for the bride and groom is they cherish that day and always remember how loved they are.



I just know that they will Love Doing Life together!