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A few people recently asked me “Why did you choose ‘Love Doing Life’ for your blog title?” and that got me thinking. I have never written a post on why I chose Love Doing Life as my blog name.

When I first thought about getting into blogging I did a lot of research reading other people’s blogs, articles, Instagram posts, and Facebook statuses and I realized there are a lot of complainers out there. It seemed as though 90% of what I was reading was negative. An overwhelming feeling of sadness came over me and really affected me. I think we can all agree there is a lot of negativity out there on the Internet, so when I set out to create my own blog I decided I would not be one of those people. My desire was to be a voice that was positive and uplifting.

Side note: I realize that life really stinks sometimes, believe me, I have had my share of bad circumstances.

However, I refuse to get sucked into the negativity and let it rule my life. Living life as an Eeyore would be miserable. The constant complaining and mindset that everyone and everything will eventually let you down is exhausting. That is not a life.

So, being fully aware that life will stink and people will let you down, I decided to adopt a new lens on life. I have always been a positive person for the most part but I wanted to do better. When a bad circumstance came my way, I made the decision to see through the bad and focus on the good.

For example, losing Spark was extremely painful. Random breakdowns became a normal part of my life, I literally could not control them. The feeling of not being able to control those breakdowns was discouraging to me but once I realized there was nothing I could do to stop them, I embraced them. Only then did I find healing and peace. When I allowed a terrible circumstance to teach me something that is when the “silver lining” appeared. You Will Always Be My Mom was the best thing I could have ever done for myself, to not only recognize what had happened but begin to embrace and move past it. My thought was “I lost a child.” I cannot undo that. My choices were: A) To be chained and burdened by that or B) To learn something from it. I chose to learn.

With all that said, since I started my blog, my life has been more enjoyable. The funny thing is after the start of my blog is when I experienced most of the bad circumstances in my life. I truly believe that without my relationship with God, my husband, and this blog I would have been and still be depressed and extremely sad after we lost Spark. I was given a new lens on life and decided to apply it.

My encouragement to others is to make the choice to Love Doing Life. Do not just get by; there is no fulfillment there. There is so much beauty in life. All you have to do is look for it.