SPOILER: This article will spoil the plot line of the movie Me Before You. So if you have not read the book or seen the movie and plan to please put this post on hold.

(I have not read the book so my perspective is solely from watching the film)


After seeing the movie Me Before You, articles have been coming to my attention about how people should not see the movie. It seems as though the authors of these various articles are upset by the fact that the main character ends his life. Let me first say that the author, Jojo Moyes, of the book Me Before You is using the fact that the main character wants to die as a plot device. It does not necessarily mean that the author agrees with the characters decision. It is used for shock and awe and let me tell you it worked. Just because you do not agree with something does not mean that it does not exist. Sometimes in life, you do you not get to choose your circumstances and horrible situations can still find you whether or not you believe in them. So before you start throwing rocks and lashing out at the movie, author, or actors give the film a chance. Have an open mind. How would you react if YOU were placed in that situation?

Now before you decide to give up on this article, give me a few more minutes of your time and please read to the end.

I want to be clear, I DO NOT support euthanasia. I am a Christian and I do not believe that it is ok to prematurely end one’s life. 

With that being said, I loved the movie. Sam Claflin who plays Will Traynor, who has recently become a quadriplegic is not handling his new life very well. Emilia Clarke who plays Lou Clark is hired to “cheer him up”. Lou finds out that Will has promised his parents six months before following through with his plans to end his life. At first, Lou decides that she needs to leave her job because it is too sad and wrong. However, after some counseling from her sister who encourages her to stick it out and try to cheer him up, take him places, and possibly change his mind. So, Lou sets out to make this the most memorable last few months of Will’s life to hopefully change his mind about living.

During Lou’s mission she falls in love with Will and he falls in love with her. She pours her heart and soul into saving him and still in the end he decides he would rather die than live life in his condition. Will is so fixated on the “ME” (how he was before Lou came along) that he cannot accept anything less. Despite Lou’s failure to persuade Will she ultimately decides to stay with him till the end.

Now, I have never been faced with this type of situation but one thing I do know is that I would rather do everything I can do help someone I love than to throw my hands in the air and give up. I could not live with myself if I had given up on the one person here on earth that completed me. If someone you love does not agree with you, does that mean you get to give up on him/her? No, it means you try your absolute best to come to a common ground and sometimes in life you do not have the luxury of a common ground.

The main thing I learned from this movie is this: just because you do not agree with something/someone does not mean that the issue at hand does not exist. When you choose to ignore something/someone you have missed an incredible opportunity. The opportunity to love. When you choose to stay and love over run and hide you choose to see the good. You choose to Love Doing Life right where you are no matter how hard it may be.

With all that said, let’s be clear. If the situation at hand is one that is physically or emotionally causing harm then you should take precautions to protect yourself. Removing yourself from an abusive situation is the right choice, in my opinion. That type of situation is very different from the one presented in the film Me Before You. In a perfect world, Will would choose to live the rest of his life with Lou and make the best of it. In a perfect world, a love that is You Before Me is always better. But we do not live in a perfect world and these situations arise everyday. I encourage you to think twice before giving up on someone/something because sometimes in life you do not get to choose what you go through but you always have the choice to LOVE DOING LIFE.