In honor of Love Doing Life’s three-year blogiversary, I am sharing with you my top three favorite posts of 2016.


The year 2016 was a rollercoaster of events, life experiences, and emotions. In my experience, the magnitude of the high is directly equaled by the depth of the low. The first example of this was when I shared my miscarriage story with everyone. This post was extremely difficult to put into words but at the same time completely therapeutic. If you missed this post click the link below to check it out.

You Will Always Be My Mom

A Miscarriage Story //


My next favorite post is when I shared with everyone why I chose the name Love Doing Life for my blog. As I sat staring at my computer screen three years ago, wondering what my blog name would be I was struck with a thought. To read more about that thought and why I chose Love Doing Life click the link below.

Why Love Doing Life

Why Love Doing Life //


And last on my list for my favorite three posts from 2016 is when I wrote a letter to the child I lost back in March, whom I lovingly refer to as Spark. With every heart-break or loss I truly believe there needs to be closer. For me, I needed to emotionally close that chapter. That is not to say that I still won’t hurt or think about my precious child who was only made for heaven but I needed to symbolically let go of that time in my life. To read the full letter click the link below.

A Letter To My Beloved Spark: My Child Who Resides In Heaven

A Letter To My Beloved Spark: My Child Who Resides In Heaven //

As a BONUS: here is one more of my favorite posts! The one that actually had the most views. It is the gender reveal we did for our little Henry! Click the link below to check out how we announced the gender to our family and friends.

Gender Reveal


Gender Reveal //



Three Year Blogiversary //