The ultimate Fall must-have list // everything you need from the kitchen to decor to your closet //

Now that Fall is in full swing, I thought I would share the ultimate Fall must-haves! This list is really everything you need to have a fabulous Fall. Items from the kitchen to decor to clothing. These are all items that scream Fall. I mean who doesn’t love Fall themed items and shopping? As a bonus, the items I have listed you can shop for while wearing your pajamas! Now that is my kind of shopping 😉



Every Fall I feel like my inner Ina Garten hits overdrive. I am baking twice as much and cooking fancier dinners. I often fantasize that I have my own cooking show, haha! (Don’t laugh too hard, you know you’ve done it too 😉 ) In this ultimate Fall must-haves I thought I would share some kitchen must-haves.


Baking Sheet

Cookie season is upon us which means baking sheets are a must-have!  Tip: I like to put heavy-duty foil on the baking sheet to help extend its baking life.

Silicone Baking Mat

If you don’t like using foil these silicone baking mats are great! Reusable 😉

Mixing Bowl Set

If you do any sort of cooking or baking you NEED these! They are super practical and great space saver since they nest.

Bread Pan


If you haven’t picked up on the trend, bread of any sort is a must during the Fall. So a great bread pan is a must-have.


Silicone Whisk

Seeing as how really nice, long-lasting pans are expensive I really like silicon whisks. It helps protect cheaper pots and pans and extend their cooking life. These are a must-have if you cannot afford expensive, long-lasting pans.


Pie Plate

Much like bread, pies are everywhere this time of year. Therefore, pie plates are a must-have!


Casserole Dish


You will inevitably be attending a party or two so a casserole dish is a must-have. I personally have this set and love it! I use it all the time and the plastic lids are amazing! So convenient!



Artificial Pumpkins


The moment we are over the summer is the moment the pumpkins come out. So having artificial pumpkin to use year after year makes it a must-have.


Pine Cone Garland


Why should garland only come out during Christmas time? I think garland should happen all year. (Season appropriate of course 😉 ) That’s why this pine cone garland is a must-have for the Fall.


Pumpkin Candle


Even though Fall doesn’t officially start until the end of September the pumpkin scented candle seems to start burning September 1st. So having a yummy smelling pumpkin candle is a must-have!


Fall Decorative Wreath

We all love a good wreath which, of course, makes a beautiful Fall themed wreath a must-have!

Fall Decor

Rustic Thankful Sign

I don’t know about you but as soon as the first college football game is played my Fall themed signs make an appearance. I just feel like they go hand-in-hand which makes Fall signs a must-have!

Fall Doormat


When Fall rolls around I feel the need to make everything super cozy and welcoming. One way to do that is to have a fun Fall welcome mat. That is why this mat has made my ultimate Fall must-have list!


Plaid Blanket


And no Fall themed home decor would be complete without a cozy blanket!




Plaid Tartan Blanket Scarf


This pick doesn’t really need any explaining. I mean, who doesn’t love a plaid blanket scarf?


Chunky Knit Pullover Sweater

A cozy, over-sized sweater is an absolute must-have for Fall. An over-sized sweater hides any holiday weight gain that may happen due to consumption of bread and cookies 😉

Ankle Booties

I love ankle booties. They are my go-to shoe for Fall and since I live in Florida they tend to be my go-to shoe for Winter too. Ankle booties are a must-have to Fall.


What are your Fall must-haves? What would you add to the list?




The ultimate Fall must-have list // everything you need from the kitchen to decor to your closet //





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