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There are so many facets to blogging. Creating the right title. Taking great photos. Including links. If you want a post to stand out you really need to spend a decent amount of time on it. Now I do not claim to be an expert on blogging, however there is one thing about blogging that I do know. That is the one thing to do with links in your blog post.

As a smart blogger, you probably have a few links in each post to either draw a reader to a product you are selling or another post to keep them on your site longer. Sometimes the link may be to highlight another blogger or website entirely. One of the goals in blogging is to keep your reader engaged as long as possible, right? I am going to share with you one simple way to do that.

Have you read an article and half way through clicked on a link to check out something else that sounded interesting? I can’t tell you how many times I have done that. After checking out that new topic I always want to finish the article at hand. So here is one simple way to keep readers on your site.

Any time you place a link in your post make sure you check the option “Open Link In New Tab”. This simple step is so easy to do and is overlooked by many. When you highlight a few words to insert a URL click on the options and within those options you will see a little check box next to “Open Link In New Tab”. Do yourself a favor and check that!

Why is this so important? One of your goals is to keep readers on your site. If you have linked up other sites within your post how do you expect to keep their interest. A lot of times bloggers will link “related posts” within the article at hand and again your goal is to keep the reader interested in one article before moving on to the next. Also, let’s say you posted an article with a giveaway and within that post are related posts. You want your readers to enter the giveaway but without opening a new page for those related posts, the reader will forget about the giveaway and move onto the next thing.



The One Thing To Do With Links In Your Blog Post //…n-your-blog-post



The One Thing To Do With Links In Your Blog Post //…n-your-blog-post



The One Thing To Do With Links In Your Blog Post //…n-your-blog-post

Let’s face it…we are all busy.  So you want to help your readers out as much as possible. Make the experience on your site enjoyable. Next time you place a link in your post be sure to click the “Open A New Tab” option.

Is this something you currently do with your links? Did you know about this option? What is one thing you do in your posts to make the experience enjoyable for your readers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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The One Thing To Do With Links In Your Blog Post //…n-your-blog-post