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If you have been loyal reader you know I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I read a chapter, apply the principles from the chapter and report here on the blog with my findings. The book is broken up into months and has different tasks depending on the month. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and have learned so much about myself. The month of December focuses on everything- every challenge, task, and goal. It is a tall order! I am going to share with you what I found to be the key to happiness.

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Finding the key to happiness is a daunting task. Is it letting go? Gaining control? A checklist? Happiness is such an elusive concept. It is forever changing in its application to the individual. Happiness looks different for each person. Since that is the case, The Happiness Project walks the reader through different aspects of his/her life to find what makes them happy. From possessions, to marriage, to family, work, etc. It breaks it all down.

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That is what I loved about this book. It took every area of my life and made it more manageable. The idea of having to sort through it all on my own stresses me out. To have someone else do it for me was amazing! We will never be able to keep happiness in every area of our lives all the time. It is an unrealistic expectation and you shouldn’t place that standard on yourself or any one else. However, it is vital to try. That concept is what the last chapter is all about…trying. Try to make an effort each day to achieve happiness. Even if it is for a few minutes at a time. I found that when I did not try I was very unhappy. Life takes on a depressing, ugly mask when I stop actively trying to be happy.

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So, after a year of reading the book and evaluating my life what is the key to happiness? Balance. Balance was the common theme in each chapter. The beautiful thing about balance is it looks different for each person. AND the frustrating thing about balance is it is different for each person. It could be an easy adjustment for some and a much more challenging adjustment for others. Life would be a lot easier if there was a magic formula to follow in order to be happy. However, if that were the case life would be predictable. You know what they say, life is about the journey NOT the destination. Balance is beautifully frustrating.

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How did I find balance? I started with The Happiness Project. Once I learned how to evaluate a certain area of my life I felt equipped to take the reins. Now I do little checkups. Make sure everything is running smoothly. Balance is key. Being too conservative or too flippant will only bring an unhappy life.

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So, would I recommend this book…ABSOLUTELY! This book is a must read for sure! Another thing I loved about this book is you only have to read one chapter a month. I am a slow reader so this setup worked very well for me. Gave me time to read and apply the principles. If you like to read multiple books at once, this is also a perfect setup. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone!

Do you have a way that you achieve balance? Let me know in the comments below!


The Key To Happiness //