Over Memorial Day weekend, Michael and I had a gender reveal party.



Decorations were prepared.



And the house was transformed into a scene of pink and blue. If you thought Baby J was going to be a Girl, you pinned a tiny pink tutu to your lapel, and if you thought Baby J was going to be a Boy, you pinned a tiny blue bow tie to your lapel.





I even made sure everyone had the facts before making their guess.




Then they made their prediction.




And enjoyed some delicious food.





After a bit of chatting with family and friends, we all went outside and removed the top from the box and got to finally see if Baby J is going to be a girl or a boy. I must say that I had a hunch that I was going to see blue balloons come out of the box. Michael, on the other hand, was sure he was going to see pink balloons come flying out. He had even had dreams that Baby J was a girl. Then the moment of truth had arrived!




Michael was right! Baby J is a girl! I must admit that I am excited and hopeful that Baby J might follow in my footsteps of being a dancer, however whatever she chooses to set her mind to Michael and I will support her 100%! Now time to kick off the registry and decorate the nursery, all the while continuing to pray for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby girl!