Michael and I have been in the process of buying a house, and it has been one crazy roller coaster. When we first embarked on the journey to buy a house, we were so excited, little did we know ALL the different parts that are involved. The fun part is looking at all the different houses and mentally arranging your furniture in each house. The not so fun part is being under contract on a house.

When you are under contract on a house, you begin the process of getting qualified for a loan for the house you want to buy. This process is very stressful! The mortgage company asks you for every and any piece of information about your life. Gathering all that information is tedious and monotonous. While we were going through this part of the house buying process, Michael and I found ourselves to be very stressed out. This is the time while buying a house that could have torn Michael and I apart. Thankfully we were both able to muster up some extra patience for each other AND the mortgage company, which really made that time much easier to handle.

After all was said and done, Michael and I ended up with the house that truly warmed our hearts!

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