Imagine this: It’s a warm summer day and you are laying by the pool in a comfy lounger chair. Your skin is wet from sunscreen and sweat but your don’t care because the sun-therapy you are receiving is worth every drop of sweat. The sun has warmed you through to your core and the air smells like BBQ and chlorine. After some time in the sun you decide to remove your hat and sunglasses and take a dive into the pool. You almost lose your breath for a moment because the difference in temperature between the pool and air is so drastic. You emerge from the water, climb up the ladder and return back to your chair. Place your hat and sunglasses back on while taking a deep breath. For just a short time everything is perfect. The only thing that could make this day better is the perfect summer days playlist.

Summer is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and Love Doing Life! So today I am bringing you the perfect Summer days playlist! I am a firm believer in the idea that life needs a soundtrack. That’s why I curate so many. 🙂 These are songs that will remind you of summer and put a smile on your face.

One of my favorite summer songs is Holiday by Madonna. What is one of your favorite summer songs? Do you enjoy the pool, beach or lake during the summer?


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