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Daddy Survival Basket

August 20, 2014

About a month ago I was getting really excited about our first baby shower in Athens, GA. That excitement got me thinking about how much I have been enjoying every part of my pregnancy journey. I have been able to be a part of every step of this journey and has been such an incredible experience.  This got me thinking about how much Michael has not been able to experience first hand. Even though he has gone to almost all doctors appointments, helped decorate the nursery, read baby books, and been involved in every decision. I wanted Michael to have a special something for just him and Cricket. That reminded me of the daddy survival kits that I had seen on Pinterest.

I started doing some research to see what others had put in their daddy survival kits and the majority of baskets included items that help daddy stay sane. I wanted the majority of items to be something Michael could do with Cricket. So I began to think about some activities that Michael and I like to do together. On top of fun activities I knew I had to include some practical items too. When I gave Michael the basket I printed a card that explained why I included each item in the basket.

The Daddy Survival Basket was a huge hit and I really think it helped Michael feel closer to Cricket.


Daddy Survival Basket

                                                       The items in this basket are the essentials                                                                                                                you will need to care for our baby girl.                                                            Some items are new & some are old.

Blanket – for scrumbling
Teddy Bear – for her to hold as she falls fast asleep in your arms
Books – to read to her
Movie – to watch with her
Outfits – to dress her up in princess fashion
Tissues – for the moments she makes you cry
Baby Wipes – for the moments, well…you know
Sanitizing Wipes – for sticky situations
Baby Powder – for the moments that need a little freshening
Binkies – for when you are in need of some quiet time
Advil – for when you do not get that quiet time

I hope you enjoy your daddy survival basket! I love you very much and
just know that you are going to be the most amazing father!

Daddy Survival Basket


Athens Baby Shower 

August 7, 2014


On July 24th Michael and I made our way up to Athens, GA for our first baby shower. Michael and I both attended the University of Georgia and Michael also attended the University of North Georgia, so needless to say we have lots of friends in the northeast Georgia area. We arrived in Athens late Thursday night and after unpacking the car we headed off to bed to get some much-needed rest.

Friday we spent some time with close friends and family, drove around the UGA campus, and went to the campus bookstore store where we bought a couple of cute game day outfits for Cricket. Once our errands were complete we headed back to our friends house and spent the afternoon by the pool and grilled out for dinner. It was a perfect way to spend a day in Athens, GA.

After some rest and relaxation, the day finally came to for the celebration! Michael and I got all gussied-up and headed to the party. We got the chance to see friends who we have not seen in a long time and it was such a blessing to catch up with them. There was delicious food, beautiful decorations, and amazing company.

When the time came to open the gifts, if it weren’t for Michael being there to keep things light and fun I think I would have cried looking at every outfit and toy. One of the most special gifts that we received that day was Cricket’s first pair of ballet slippers. It was so meaningful for them to come from my parents, who of course bought me my first pair of ballet slippers,  and I hope that Cricket enjoys dance as much as I do.

As the party came to a close, I could not help but think about how incredibly blessed Michael and I are to have such wonderful friends and family who would come help us celebrate the coming of this beautiful miracle.

All in all our weekend in Athens was a huge success and very rejuvenating! And would not have been possible without the love and support from those who care for us!

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The Big Reveal

June 4, 2014

Over Memorial Day weekend, Michael and I had a gender reveal party.



Decorations were prepared.



And the house was transformed into a scene of pink and blue. If you thought Baby J was going to be a Girl, you pinned a tiny pink tutu to your lapel, and if you thought Baby J was going to be a Boy, you pinned a tiny blue bow tie to your lapel.





I even made sure everyone had the facts before making their guess.




Then they made their prediction.




And enjoyed some delicious food.





After a bit of chatting with family and friends, we all went outside and removed the top from the box and got to finally see if Baby J is going to be a girl or a boy. I must say that I had a hunch that I was going to see blue balloons come out of the box. Michael, on the other hand, was sure he was going to see pink balloons come flying out. He had even had dreams that Baby J was a girl. Then the moment of truth had arrived!




Michael was right! Baby J is a girl! I must admit that I am excited and hopeful that Baby J might follow in my footsteps of being a dancer, however whatever she chooses to set her mind to Michael and I will support her 100%! Now time to kick off the registry and decorate the nursery, all the while continuing to pray for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby girl!

Results on Workout Challenges

April 6, 2014

A couple of months ago I set out to do a work out challenge. One was a squat challenge and the other was a “Get Rid of Your Armpit Fat” challenge. I am sad to say that I do not have any results…HOWEVER, the reason I do not have any results is actually really good.


I started the challenges out really strong, I was committed everyday to these two challenges and was feeling great for about a week and a half. Part of the way into the second week I started to feel awful. I was sluggish, bloated, nauseated, and extremely tired. The only thing that made me feel good was to lay down and relax. I even tried to push through those terrible feelings, having the hope that I would feel better after the workout. That turned out to be a VERY bad idea. So I finally came to the conclusion that I am going to have to stop these workouts and try again at another time.


The reason I had to quit these challenges was because my husband and I found out that our family of two is going to become a family of three!! If there was ever a reason to not complete a workout challenge, I think being pregnant is one of the best!

Baby J

I figure once Cricket (that’s what we are calling him/her while in the womb) arrives and I am able to do physical workouts again, I will give these two challenges another try.