This past weekend we all got dressed and made our way to the Mims Mullet Festival. Yes, you read correctly, Mims MULLET Festival. Hearing the name, Michael and I were convinced we would be witnessing a crowd full of mullet hairstyles, which if I am being honest I would be totally fine with.

IMG_6654We make our way to Mims and upon arriving, we find an amazing parking spot right next to the classic car show portion of the festival. Michael and I really love looking at classic cars. I really just look at the pretty ones, any Corvette, and Ford Mustang older than 1969. After perusing the cars, we made our way through the games, food, and goods and then onto the Mullet throwing contest. (Took me a few minutes to digest that too)

IMG_6655After purchasing some local honey, which was incredibly delicious, we come along the much-anticipated Mullet throwing contest. The contestant stood on a mark and threw frozen Mullet (fish) into toilets that were positioned further and further from the contestant.

IMG_6653This contest was very funny to witness and thankfully we were not standing too close to smell the fish. We were at the festival for about an hour and a half and once we got in the car to head home I had a few thoughts.

IMG_6656While this particular festival was not on my bucket list, it was still a fun affair. I think that it is important to expose the family to different social situations and experiences. It provides practice to be able to handle many different scenarios life may throw your way. Another great thing about town festivals is they are usually free. You do not have to spend any money if you do not want to.

Johnsons&BakersEvery once in a while it is nice to get out of the house and do something we would not normally do. It was the perfect opportunity to Love Doing Life together!