This past weekend Michael and I went with our life group to Rainbow Springs. It was the first time I had gone tubing down a river, and it was so much fun! Our group had brought rope to tie all the rafts together and a water-resistant speaker for some tunes. We had great conversation and of course tons of laughs. Watching an adult try to get on and off of a raft is hilarious!

After a four-hour tube ride down the river we got back in the car and drove to our overnight accommodations. We had reserved two cabins and due to several hours in the sun without food we were all hungry. The ladies got to work on fixing dinner while the guys unpacked the cars. One of the great things about cooking with friends is you get several fantastic cooks preparing a meal as opposed to trying to make a fantastic meal happen on your own. Dinner consisted of delicious burgers, yummy vegetables, scrumptious pasta salad, and mouth-watering brownies!

Following the dinner and cleanup, the ladies were starting to put our feet up when one of the guys in our life group hands me a watermelon and tells everyone to follow him. As the ladies are being led to an unknown destination, we look at each other completely confused. We walk up to an additional cabin and as we enter through the door we hear the song “Stay” by Maurice Williams. The boys had cleverly orchestrated a “Dirty Dancing” reenactment! Having me carry a watermelon was a very nice touch!

Several hours of dancing to the best oldies hits took place that night. In the morning, we all gathered around the table to a beautifully prepared breakfast. After packing up the vehicles and checking out of our cabins we walked to a nearby lake and had a short devotion. Being near the lake and removed from the hustle and bustle of life was a great reminder that sometimes you need to take a step back and take in the simple things.

Once we all got into the vehicles we drove up to the top of Rainbow Springs where there is a swimming area. Now, they say the springs are 72 degrees all year round, which I believe, but when I jumped in it felt much colder than that. The springs actually took my breath away. Even though the water felt extremely cold I forgot about it just looking at its clarity.  It was such a beautiful sight!

At this point in our day we were all ready for some lunch. We drove to a place called “Swampy’s” located next to the river. Sharing a meal with wonderful people is such a blessing. There was good conversation and good food.

On the way home, I could not stop thinking about how great it is to share life experiences like this with such incredible people. When I think about “Love Doing Life” I think about love doing life with the people in my life. I will never make lasting memories by sitting on my couch alone. Lasting memories are made by sharing meaningful experiences with the people I love.

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