A couple of months ago I set out to do a work out challenge. One was a squat challenge and the other was a “Get Rid of Your Armpit Fat” challenge. I am sad to say that I do not have any results…HOWEVER, the reason I do not have any results is actually really good.


I started the challenges out really strong, I was committed everyday to these two challenges and was feeling great for about a week and a half. Part of the way into the second week I started to feel awful. I was sluggish, bloated, nauseated, and extremely tired. The only thing that made me feel good was to lay down and relax. I even tried to push through those terrible feelings, having the hope that I would feel better after the workout. That turned out to be a VERY bad idea. So I finally came to the conclusion that I am going to have to stop these workouts and try again at another time.


The reason I had to quit these challenges was because my husband and I found out that our family of two is going to become a family of three!! If there was ever a reason to not complete a workout challenge, I think being pregnant is one of the best!

Baby J

I figure once Cricket (that’s what we are calling him/her while in the womb) arrives and I am able to do physical workouts again, I will give these two challenges another try.