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Knowing when to publish a new blog post can be a daunting task. Should I publish in the morning? Should I publish midday? Or should it be published after normal work day hours?

I have been blogging for almost three years and have published blog articles at many different times during the day. Until this month, I was a once a week blogger. I would only post a new article once a week. The day was not very consistent and most times I would write the article the same day it got published. (Side Note: I am still working on the same day writing and publishing thing. This article will be published the same day it was writing. What can I say, I am not perfect.)

So when should you publish a new blog post? My recommendation is to publish at the BEGINNING OF THE DAY. What I have found is getting your new article out is only part of the equation. The first part is publishing and the second part is social media. Spreading the word.

My blog does not have a lot of subscribers yet so I need to use social media to keep people coming back. Over the years I have experimented when the best time is to spread the word. I have tried morning, afternoon, and evening. I have also changed up the different platforms. Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram.

I have a large audience on Instagram. Knowing that the response rate from Instagram post to blog is fairly quick that is the platform I did the most experimenting. I posted information about a new blog post at different times and saw that the views on my blog spiked after work hours. Especially during the school year. After I figured that timing out I tried that same thing with Facebook. Facebook is the next platform that I not only have a large audience and the response time too is fairly quick.

During mid morning I publicize the new post on my Facebook page for my blog. And during the late afternoon/early evening is when I share that post on my personal feed.

Aside from Instagram and Facebook the other place I publicize my blog post is Pinterest. I have the largest audience on Pinterest but the response time is much slower than the other platforms. My strategy for Pinterest is to pin the article as soon as it goes public. The turnover is slow but I know the results are lasting. Even if someone does not find the new post the same day they will in the few days following and will hopefully pin the article causing a chain reaction.

There are some other platforms out there to take advantage of like Bloglovin’ and StumbleUpon but I have not utilized them yet. The one thing that I know for sure is publish first thing in the morning, write the article ahead of time, and use social media to your advantage.

What are some strategies you have found that work? Do you use Bloglovin’ and/or StumbleUpon? What are the results? I am always trying to improve so I would love some feedback!