Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 8 || // Why you CANNOT do it all //

Most of you know that after I had my son, I have been sharing my findings during this postpartum time of my life. I have experienced so many things, situations, and emotions. If you have not gone through postpartum, just know, that is completely normal. One day you will be doing everything right, you feel like you are on cloud 9. Then the next day you can’t keep up, nothing goes your way and you feel like it cannot get any worse. (Which is basically life but throw in crazy hormones and a baby and you’ve got postpartum) During last month, of my postpartum journey, I was hit pretty hard by how I view my better half. How do I trust and lean on my husband? Today I am sharing with you how I had to adjust my thinking and get real with my expectations. Here is postpartum weight loss part 8.

Now more than ever, at least from my point of view, moms put so much pressure on themselves. Pressure to thrive, make the right choices, say the right things, raise the perfect children, meal plan, run the house, organize schedules, keep the family sane, and not to mention accomplishing all of the above while looking gorgeous and brag about it on social media. We may be the closest thing to Wonder Woman without actually being Wonder Woman.

Let me say that again, we may be the closest thing to Wonder Woman WITHOUT actually being Wonder Woman. Moms. Listen. A lot is asked of us and we usually rise to the occasion. Day in and day out we are constantly pouring into other people, but who is pouring into us?

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 8 || // Why you CANNOT do it all //

Here is why I cannot do it all…

Sooner or later, my cup is going to be empty and I will have nothing left to give. Sooner or later, I will run dry. Sooner or later, I will need to recharge. Sooner or later, I am going to realize that I cannot do it on my own. I have to ask for help and I SHOULD ask for help. That is what having a spouse is about. Leaning on each other. Asking for help. Walking through life together. Love Doing Life together. I shouldn’t settle for just co-existing together. I want to thrive in this lifetime and sometimes that means asking for help.

Moms, you cannot do it all and if you try to you will eventually have an emotional breakdown that has you uncannily resembling Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker instead of your radiant self. You need your family just as much as they need you. Believe that. To make it through this life in one beautiful piece you have to believe that. It is ok to not do it all. No one can do it all. So why do we pretend that we can? The saying is not “you can do it all” the saying is “you can do anything you put your mind to”. Those are two very different statements.

Another reason why we cannot do it all, is we are not being successful. When we try to take on too much nothing is getting done it its fullest potential. Just like if you try to multi-task too many things nothing really gets done.

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Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 8 || // Why you CANNOT do it all //

Here is how to thrive at being a mom…

Set It Aside

Set your pride aside. Yes, you read correctly, pride. It is pride that makes us want to take on everything. No one will think less of you if you ask for help. It is braver to ask for help than it is to do it all.

Recognize & Know

We need to recognize our limits. We all have a breaking point and life runs much smoother when we know where that breaking point is. If a situation arises that you know you cannot handle alone, ask for help. And guess what, your spouse wants to help. They want to be there for you and lighten your load. Let them!

Know what you can handle. There are certain circumstances that we just aren’t equipped to handle, and that’s ok! Sometimes the baton needs to be passed on to our teammate, and that’s ok! We are not all-powerful or all-knowing, and that’s ok. That is why you have a spouse, to walk through life WITH you.

Be There

Be there. Be present in your child’s life. Don’t be so concerned with accomplishing everything that you have missed the beauty of life. Be there.

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Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 8 || // Why you CANNOT do it all //

As far as the physical portion of postpartum life. I have reached a plateau. My body has reached a “comfort weight” if you will, which is fine but I do desire more change. Since I want to break through the comfort weight stage I have to make more sacrifices. A couple sacrifices would be to add another workout and make healthier choices in the kitchen. There is always room for improvement, it is just a matter of sticking to them. And staying in the “comfort weight” zone for a while is completely normal. It took well over a year to notice certain changes after I had my daughter. I will get there, it just takes time. 


Weight: 140 lbs

Waist: 28 1/8 inches

Hips: 39 5/8 inches

Right Thigh: 23 inches

Left Thigh: 23 1/8 inches

Right Bicep: 10 6/8 inches

Left Bicep: 10 5/8 inches


Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 8 || // Why you CANNOT do it all //


Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 8 || // Why you CANNOT do it all //


Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 8 || // Why you CANNOT do it all //


With all that being said, this does apply to everyone. Kids or no kids. Sometimes you just need to ask for help. Sometimes you cannot do it all. I encourage you to make sure you take time for you. Take time to recharge and fill your cup back up.


Have you ever gone through a postpartum stage? What did you learn? What are your thoughts on my findings for this month?



Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 8 || // Why you CANNOT do it all //