Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || //

A couple of weeks ago, I got to see a sweet friend who always knows what to say and how to say it. She is direct and always speaks the truth. Most of the time it goes straight to my heart but it always leaves a lasting impression. I was speaking to her about my postpartum weight loss and how I still have a little ways to go before I reach my goals. She told me that I look great and that I didn’t need to lose any more weight, which I of course appreciated. She went on to encourage me to love my body in any shape. The conversation was just what I needed to hear. For a while, I had been feeling stuck about my postpartum weight loss and her words were so comforting and empowering.

During a weight loss journey there will be ups and downs. Seasons of change both great and small are perfectly normal. The best way to make the most of a weight loss journey is to look for changes that happen physically, emotionally, and mentally. This journey should not be viewed only for the amount of weight that is lost but for the total life transformation that takes place. To be successful in this venture, I have to look at more than just numbers. A life change only happens when I allow my entire being to change. Once I reach the original goals I could easily revert back if I do not maintain a healthy mindset. The postpartum stage of womanhood is hard enough; so grace, self-love, and patience are a must. These are just a few of the things I learned last month during my postpartum weight loss.

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Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || //


When I set out on this postpartum weight loss journey I knew it would be tough, any worth while transformation always is, but what I wasn’t prepared for was how much grace I would need to give myself. I am a very Type A person and on top of that a perfectionist and it probably goes without saying but I thrive on meeting goals. When I fall short on goals, I feel like a failure. For the past year, I have tried to keep in mind that there is a lesson no matter the outcome. Since taking on this mindset, I have grown in so many ways.

What I will say to you is, give yourself grace. Allow yourself to view “coming up short” as a good thing. Do not beat yourself down for not reaching a goal you have set out for yourself. Giving yourself grace is the best thing you can do when going through a life change. Whether it is a weight loss, job change, relationship change, or postpartum – give yourself grace.

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Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || //


Self-love is always important. There have been times in the last seven and a half months, since giving birth, that I have not loved who I am. If you have struggled with image issues, like I have, you know that self-love does not come easy. My calling card became nit-picking every little “flaw”; only seeing the bad and never celebrating the good. It is a daily choice to kick that mindset to the curb. I HAVE to kick that mindset to the curb. Beating myself down will not help me achieve my goals. Self-love is vital, essential, a life line when going through any type of change. 

What I will say to you is, GENUINELY love yourself. I’m not talking about lip service, I’m talking about real love for yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Celebrate the beauty that you are in every facet. Each one of us are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and that NEEDS to be celebrated. You are beautiful!

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Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || //


The saying “patience is a virtue” is truth. Patience is very difficult in this day and age. We typically wants things right away and the only way to obtain patience is by exercising it. My mom always used to tell me that everything happens for a reason. I remember one day my mom and sister came over to visit for a bit and when they decided to head back home, we kept prolonging the goodbye. One of us would say something and then the other and before you know it ten minutes had passed by since their original departure time. As they pulled into their neighborhood, about 20 yards in front of them, they saw a massive branch from an oak tree fall into the street. Had they left ten seconds earlier, the branch would have fallen on top of the car and most likely killed them. Everything happens for a reason.

What I will say to you is, be patient. Do not force a circumstance, relationship, or change. We all have future goals that we want now. We all want to be free of some sort of “chains” in our life and if we trust in the process then the timing will be perfect. The outcome will be better than we could have ever hoped. Be patient.

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Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || //

And now, here are my updated measurements. If you have been following this series you know that numbers are not my main goal. It is nice to see the change and compare and contrast. However, I have found, for me, if I focus on the numbers alone my mindset is unhealthy. The reason I am keeping track is to share with you how things are progressing. To see the difference from last month’s measurements CLICK HERE to view Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 5 ||.

Weight: 137 lbs.

Waist: 28 inches

Hips: 38 3/4 inches

Right Thigh: 21 3/4 inches

Left Thigh: 21 3/4 inches

Right Bicep: 10 5/8 inches

Left Bicep: 10 3/8 inches

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || //

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || //

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || //

My body has gone through so many changes in the last eight months and it is amazing to see the progress. If you are currently going through a life change do not lose heart. Keep pushing through. Hard work really does pay off. Give yourself some grace, self-love, and patience. Change always takes time.

Are you currently going through or gone through a life change? Was it difficult? Did you give yourself grace, self-love, or patience? Let me know. I would love to read your story!


Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 6 || // // Major life changes are hard and the postpartum season of a woman's life is no exception. When you go through a life change you need three things to make it through. Click on the image to find out what those three things are.