Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 5 ||

I am currently six and a half months postpartum and I am getting very close to achieving my original goals. While I do not have a specific weight goal (which I explain why in Postpartum Weight Loss Part 1) I do have clothing goals. Aside from the clothing goals I mention in part 1 of this series, one of my goals was to fit into a specific pair of jeans. These jeans are most likely from the early 90’s which means they have NO stretch. So you either fit in them or you don’t. However, I love them! They are high-waisted and fit like real jeans. Even thought I hit a milestone in my postpartum weight loss journey, I still experienced some discouragement. Today I will share the struggles I encountered and what I am doing to fight back.

As I mentioned above, I am finally able to fit back into one of my favorite pair of jeans. I wish y’all could have seen my face, I was so pumped! I called for my husband, who of course thought something was wrong, and when he saw me I said, “Look at this!” Then I proceeded to shake my bum and do my happy dance. He too was excited for me and raised one eyebrow as if to say, “Dang girl, you look good!”

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 5 ||

Another reason I was so excited to have another pair of jeans to wear was because my two other go-to jeans have a hole in them. Which means I only had one pair of jeans I could wear. My sweet husband decided that a trip to the outlet mall was in order to find some new jeans. We packed the family in the car, went out to dinner then to the outlets. I have been a fan of Gap jeans for a long time so naturally that was my first stop. I grabbed four pairs of jeans and headed to the dressing room. The first pair I couldn’t get up my thighs. While they were my size, the legs were too small. Another pair came up, zipped, and buttoned but I had a three-inch gap at the waist. The final pair was the same style as the second ones but when I did the bend over test have my bum showed. I gathered the jeans, placed them on the table in the dressing room and walked out.

I was so discouraged! It was a tough day emotionally. Celebrating a victory only to find that my body shape is not compatible with my favorite clothing company. After leaving Gap we ventured over to Levi’s. I figured a jeans-focused company should have something for me, right? I pulled three pairs off the shelf and headed to the dressing room. As I pulled up the first pair I got even more discouraged. When did jeans stop feeling like jeans? Why do they look and feel like leggings? These Levi’s were jeggings. I was so upset I didn’t even try on the other two pair. I couldn’t take any more disappointment.

From this what felt like a humiliating experience, I learned that even though I am getting closer to my pre-baby weight my body is not the same. It has altered and because of that I need to alter my clothing.

Side Note: My sweet, sweet husband is the one who informed me of this and was so patient with me. All I wanted to do was cry but he lifted me up, emotionally, and encouraged me to not lose hope.

It seems so silly to get this upset about a pair of jeans but I thought it would be one of the easier tasks to achieve. I thought as long as I get down to the same weight I will fit into my old clothes no problem. Boy, was I wrong! I had this perception that if I work hard everything will return to the way it was before. Of course I know some things change, I won’t be EXACTLY as I was before. However, I figured it would be pretty darn close.

You may be thinking, “Why does she push herself to reach these goals if it causes so much heartache?” I push myself because I want to be the best version of myself. I don’t believe that the best version of myself is to just skate by physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The desire to be better will always be a part of me and I believe that is a good thing. These low moments for me are learning opportunities. I am learning that the expectation I placed on myself was unrealistic. Having this knowledge helps me to move forward in a healthy way. If I don’t try how will I learn?

In the month of June, while there may not be a lot of physical changes, I have learned to adjust my thoughts and emotions. Going through postpartum change is not just about the physical aspect. The mental and emotional side is just as important. If you have ever gone through the postpartum stage you know how crazy the emotional side can be. I’m not kidding when I say one minute you will be happy as can be with a big smile on your face and the next minute you will be bawling your eyes out because you don’t have any clean socks. You may be laughing right now but I am 100% serious! It takes time to navigate the emotional waters and that is okay.

Aside from adjusting my thoughts and emotions, the two thing that have to go hand in hand with that are patience and grace. Allowing myself to take time to navigate this rollercoaster and grace for the moments when I am hard on myself. Any time someone goes through something that is life altering they have to give themselves patience and grace. Humans are resilient but we do require an adjustment period.

In terms of workouts, I did add in a couple extra. On top of teaching my three classes I normally do at my gym, I also did a push up challenge with my husband. For seven days we did 100 push ups a day. The first two to three days are tough but once I pushed through to day four it became easier and easier. I try to continue doing 100 push ups a day, some days I achieve that goal and some days I don’t but at least I am stepping things up a notch. I highly recommend doing the push up challenge! It is only for seven days and it you break the push ups into smaller groups it is totally doable. I did five sets of 20. Two sets before lunch, one at lunch and two sets in the afternoon.

Here is an update on the bathing suit photos. These photos have not been retouched in any way.

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 5 ||

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 5 ||

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 5 ||



On a less serious note, I NEED jean recommendations! A brand and or style of jeans that fits a curvy woman. Jeans that will fit my bum, which is larger, and my waist which is A LOT smaller than my hips. I find jeans that fit my bum but are huge on the waist and if I size down I can’t get them up. They also need to pass the sit test. Will my bum show if I sit down? Please leave your recommendations in the comments below!



Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 5 ||