Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 4 || // // A look into the emotional change of postpartum weight loss.

As a woman, wife, and mom I have a lot of roles. Different people require different things from me and as I continue down this postpartum journey I took into consideration what I needed from me. My main goal for the postpartum weight loss series was to keep track of the physical changes. Take measurements and photos to see how my body does or does not change. The further I get down this path the more I realize just how important it is to track the mental changes. In this installment I am going to share with you not only the physical changes but the mental changes. So here is postpartum weight loss part 4.

Due to the boom in blogs, more mothers are sharing their postpartum experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly. Each perspective is vital. Side note: postpartum depression is serious and if you are experiencing it PLEASE reach out to someone. You should never have to walk that road alone. As I concluded my fifth month postpartum, I focused on the mental side of things. Do I really need “me time”? Do I need to consume things that are positive? Do I need to talk about the thoughts that scare me? The answer to all of these questions are YES!

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 4 || // // A look into the emotional change of postpartum weight loss.


I realize you that we hear this a lot, however, “me time” is so important to the positive development of postpartum emotions. As a mother, I am constantly giving everything I have to other people. I give and give and give and I even give when I have nothing left. I cannot effectively pour into others if I am never being filled up. If I were to give to others when I am on empty how effective am I really going to be.

Me time is essential to keeping the positive balance as a mother. It is essential to the positive balance as a person. Taking care of yourself every now and again is completely acceptable and in my opinion a must. Take time to refill yourself so that you can pour into others.


Nowadays we have the ability to consume content at the drop of a hat. Articles, videos, and messages are everywhere and unfortunately it seems as though they are mostly negative. If I am not careful this negativity creeps its way into my thoughts. Now I am not saying that I shut out every thing negative because I do need to know about current events. However, the over consumption of negative content needs to change. For example, have you ever watched a television show that is very dramatic, like Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Gossip Girl, and found yourself treating others the way these characters do in the show? I most certainly do.

I completely cut out shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Shows like that did not improve my life or thoughts in any positive way so there was no need to keep watching. I feel like I should clarify. I enjoy dramatic/serious/sad content, however, I do evaluate whether or not it is improving me as a person. I want my children to leave a positive legacy on this world and the most meaningful example they see is me. That is a big responsibility that I take very seriously.


This is a bit new to me and to be completely transparent with you, the only people who know about this are my husband and mother. A few months ago I began experiencing stress and anxiety when it came to my children’s safety. I was hoping these feelings would fade away so I didn’t say anything to anyone. It wasn’t until recently I decided to share these feelings with my husband. As I shared these scary thoughts I realized just how overwhelming they had become. I was having full-fledged anxiety so much to the point that I have been afraid to leave the house.

Side note: this is extremely difficult to admit. I am sitting here with sweaty palms, tear-filled eyes and sadness. Revealing this feels like I have failed, however, I know that I am not the only parent that struggles with this and sharing this is the first step to overcoming it. 

As a parent of a child, I have tremendous responsibilities, which I take very seriously. So much to the point that I have developed anxiety. I am still working through this and have considered counseling. Some days are better than others and for now this is something that I continue to bring before the Lord.


VERY!! Emotional self-care is vital to navigating the ever demanding role of a mother. Even if you are not a mother, you need to take care of your emotions. Find an activity that helps encourage a healthy emotional state.


Here are my updated measurements. To view last months measurements for comparison click here!

Weight: 144 lbs.

Waist: 28 5/8 inches

Hips: 39 1/8 inches

Right Thigh: 22 1/2 inches

Left Thigh: 22 1/2 inches

Right Bicep: 10 3/4 inches

Left Bicep: 10 3/4 inches

Even though there was not a massive changes in numbers I am able to fit into more pre-pregnancy clothing. I also feel better about myself. That is a win in my book! Here are updated photos.



Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 4 || // // A look into the emotional change of postpartum weight loss.

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 4 || // // A look into the emotional change of postpartum weight loss.

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 4 || // // A look into the emotional change of postpartum weight loss.





Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 4 || // // A look into the emotional change of postpartum weight loss.