Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 3 || //

A new month means a new update on my postpartum weight loss. I have been working hard to keep progressing forward on this journey. It is so easy to become complacent during a postpartum weight loss, however, I am determined to reach my goal for me. Today’s post I will share updated measurements, what I’ve been eating, and my exercise plan. So without further adieu here is postpartum weight loss part 3.

In last month’s update I shared with you that I was going to increase the amount of times I work out each week, eat more salads, and overall make better food choices. I am happy to say that I did all of those things! YAY! There is always room for improvement and I have a long ways to go but I am on the right track.

What I’ve Been Eating

Bagels and cream cheese and I have had a love affair going for close to two decades now and it is a relationship that I am not sure I want to give up. That has been my go to breakfast for a long time so it took a lot of self-control and determination to make something different. I began making egg and cheese English muffin for breakfast. It was a good substitute and the egg gave me some protein but it did not keep me full for the entire morning.

For lunch I usually do a meat and cheese sandwich on Ciabatta bread. I realize the bread does not help me reach my goal but man it is so good. I did pretty well with incorporating salads and I could tell that it made a big difference.

Dinner has been a little more of a challenge. I have a handful of go to meals that are always stocked in the pantry and while they are not unhealthy meals they are not as healthy as they should be. A lot of my go to meals involve pasta.

My plan for the month of May is to eat less bread. This will be very difficult for me. I love bread. Maybe a little too much. Haha! Who am I kidding, you can’t love bread too much. However, if I am going to continue to progress, bread and I may need to take a break. I am also looking to expand my go to meals for dinner. Options that are healthy and easy to put together. I will continue to eat more salads and drink lots of water. What I have been doing is working, but if I want to meet my goal I need to continually improve my eating habits.

If you have any healthy dinner recipes, salad recipes or breakfast recipes please send them my way! You can CLICK HERE to contact me.

Work Out Routine

For the month of April I decided to go from two workouts a week to three. This made a big difference! It was tough to find the time but so worth it. My workout routines range from Zumba, which is great cardio, to strength training. To find out what I do in terms of strength training I have listed my workout routines below.

Full Body Workout Vol. 1

Full Body Workout Vol. 2

Core Workout Vol. 1

Updated Measurements

If you missed last month’s measurement updates you can find them HERE. I made some great progress in terms of measurements. I am very encouraged by the changes I have made. It also means I am able to fit into more of my pre-pregnancy clothing. Which I am all about!

Weight: 145 pounds

Waist: 28.5 inches

Hips: 39.5 inches

Right Thigh: 22.5 inches

Lift Thigh: 22 inches

Right Bicep: 10.75 inches

Left Bicep: 10.75 inches

When I saw the difference in numbers I was ecstatic! Seriously, CLICK HERE to see last month’s numbers. I am very encouraged with my progress and am excited about the month ahead. Proof is in the pudding! Below are photos that were taken May 1, 2017. There were NO touch ups done to these photos.

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 3 || //

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 3 || //

Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 3 || //
Again, if you have any breakfast, salad, or dinner recipes please send them my way! Have you ever gone through a weight loss journey? What did you do to stay on track? What are some ways you say fit/active? Let me know your thoughts below!



Postpartum Weight Loss || Part 3 || //