I don’t know about you but I feel like the month of April and May, thus far, have been really tough to get through. Most other months have exciting stuff going on. January through March are big months to “start new”. July through August are Summer fun months. September and October are all about Fall, football, and everything pumpkin. And November and December are of course all about the holidays. So what goes on during April and May?

I have been out of school for six years now but every time these two month roll around I get worn out. This got me thinking, what is one activity that always puts me in a good mood? After giving this some thought, the answer was clear…Lip Syncing! How can you not be in a great mood when rocking out to your guilty pleasure?!

So today I am going to share with you the ultimate Lip Sync playlist. This playlist is going to put a little pep in your step. It will light a fire under your bum to keep going and to stay positive!

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Now without hesitation hit play and lip sync like no one is watching 😉

What is one song you love to sing along to?


Lip Sync Playllist //



Now that Spring has sprung it is time for a new playlist! I don’t know about you but Springtime always makes me happy. Flowers blooming. Sun shining. Coastal breeze floating through the house. My music of choice for the this full-of-life season are happy songs. Any song that puts a smile of my face is a winner. Today I am sharing with you the perfect Spring playlist that will accommodate the Springtime happiness!

One of my favorite songs that always puts a smile on my face is “Dancing In The Moonlight”. What is one song that is sure to bring a smile to your face? Let me know in the comments below!


Spring Has Sprung! A Love Doing Life Playlist //

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The big day is tomorrow which means you are probably making last-minute preparations to celebrate the one you love. The reservations have been made, the outfit is picked out, and you are thinking, “What else do I need to do?” I am here to tell you that you need a playlist! Why be in the lovey-dovey mood just for the evening when you can keep the mood going all day? I have curated the perfect Valentine’s Day playlist. It is sure to keep the butterflies in your stomach and the stars in your eyes all day!

You can listen to the playlist below or on your Spotify app! You can search for my username which is eamj1103. Just hit “Shuffle Play” and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite love song? Let me know in the comments below!


Valentine's Day Playlist //



New Year's Eve Playlist //

As 2016 draws to a close, New Year’s Eve celebrations are right around the corner. I don’t know about you but I love a good playlist for my New Year’s Eve celebrations. Having a playlist that makes me wanna dance is essential for ringing in the new year!

Today I have curated the perfect playlist just for you and your New Year’s celebrations. All you have to do is hit Shuffle and enjoy!


New Year's Eve Playlist //



December is finally here and that means for those of you who like to listen to Christmas music can do so judgement free! (Let’s be honest, when you love it that much who really cares!) Today I am bringing you not one, not two, but THREE Christmas Playlists!

If you are like me and love the old school Christmas hits here is a playlist you will love! It includes the artists Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, etc.

Christmas Playlist //


If you are a fan of pop Christmas hits by artists including Kelly Clarkson, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, etc. Than “A Pop Hits Christmas” is for you!

Christmas Playlist //

If you love it ALL than “Christmas Hits Through The Decades” is the playlist for you!

Christmas Playlist //

What is your favorite Christmas song? Do you like Christmas music? Let me know in the comments below!

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Christmas Playlists //




Thanksgiving Playlist //

With Thanksgiving just a few days away you are probably making final preparations for the big day. The menu is set, the food has been purchased (maybe), and your tablescape is coming along nicely. When you entertain others it is nice to have a playlist. It helps set the mood and adds another layer of interest.

For today’s post I have compiled the perfect Thanksgiving playlist. It is filled with great music that will be sure to please any guest you have seated at your table. Feel free to listen from here with the Spotify player below. If you prefer to listen straight from the Spotify app my user name is eamj1103 and look for the playlist titled “Thanksgiving Festivities”.



Halloween Playlist //

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are planning on having a party you are going to need a playlist. Below is the perfect Halloween playlist for your party. Even if you are not throwing party this is still a fun playlist to enjoy!




Fall Playlist //

In honor of the first day of Fall, I have put together the perfect Fall playlist. When I think of Fall I imagine myself curled up in a chair with a blanket and a good book. Enjoying the crisp weather or watching the rain ping against my windows. This playlist is the perfect partner to all your Fall activities.


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Tailgate Playlist //

The time has finally come for college football!!! YAY! In honor of the first Saturday filled with watching college football, I have put together the perfect Tailgate Playlist. This playlist is a great mix of country and classic rock that is sure to please the masses. As you set up your festivities to cheer on your team be sure to hit play on the this ready-made playlist. You can listen to this playlist straight from this page or you can save it to your phone via the Spotify app. The playlist is called “Tailgate Party” and my user name is eamj1103



Back To School Playlist |

Photo taken on my first day of my senior year of college at the University of Georgia in 2010.

In honor of school starting, I have created a playlist! This is a playlist you and your kids will enjoy. It will pump your child up as they head into the unknown and encourage them to stay true to themselves and have fun! Enjoy!


80's Workout Playlist |

Image borrow from

Yesterday after teaching my barre class a sweet woman asked me where she could listen to the playlist from that workout. So, per her request here is the 80’s playlist I used yesterday during class. It is not very long as the class only lasts 45 minutes, but none-the-less I hope you enjoy!


Spring Cleaning Playlist |

Spring Cleaning

Here is your official Spring cleaning playlist! It will keep you motivated and make even the most disgusting cleaning task enjoyable 🙂 Enjoy!



Fourth of July Playlist |

America’s ultimate tailgate has arrived! Now I am sure you have all your food, decorations, and activities planned for today BUT do you have your playlist lined up?! Well look no further! I have compiled the perfect party/cookout playlist for your festivities for the day. You can listen to the playlist below or find me on Spotify by searching either the playlist name “Fourth of July” or my username “eamj1103” Enjoy!




Perfect playlist for music lovers and dance enthusiasts! Dancing Through The Decades |

Are you feeling those Friday dance vibes but do not have a playlist? Look no further! Below is the perfect dance playlist that really does take you through the decades, starting with the 1920’s all the way to today. Another great plus, it is safe for everyone in the family! Just hit shuffle and enjoy!

(If you want to listen to this playlist on the Spotify app the playlist is called “Friday Dance Vibes (20’s-Today)” by eamj1103)
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