The perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life //

The perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life //

By now you have probably been compiling a list of gifts to buy for friends and family. As you review the people you need to buy gifts for I bet there is one person on your list that has everything. I am going to share the perfect gift for the outdoor/relaxation seeker in your life. I bought this gift for my husband a few years ago and it is probably his favorite gift he has ever received. My husband is a guy who likes being outside. He was an Eagle Scout and has a soft spot for the outdoors as well as being comfortable. He works very hard to provide for our family and deserves to have something comfortable to sit in when he gets home.

The perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life //

The following is a guest post from the man himself- my husband, Michael. Without further ado, here is the Love Doing Life review of the Eagles Nest Outfitters Lounger Chair!


For those of you who have been tent camping, the packaging for the ENO Lounger will be very familiar. It comes packaged in a nylon sack just like a regular tent. Once you pull the actual Lounger out of the pack, it may be somewhat difficult to figure out which aluminum poles do what. My advice is to just start putting the poles together (they fit together in pairs) and the Lounger begins to take shape. As you can see from the included pictures, there are two side supports and one that goes across the top. Finally, adjust the mini foot-rest to your preference. In my experience, having it too high causes the legs to fall asleep, which seriously affects my ability to relax!

I made some customizations after using the Lounger for about a week. I wanted to give the swing a little more “bounce” so I added a heavy-duty spring to the ceiling attachment. This made a huge difference in how the Lounger felt to me.

The perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life //

Feel & Experience

To give you an idea of how comfortable these Loungers are, I need to tell you my memorable first experience on one. I was in an REI in Atlanta five years ago and sat in one while waiting for a friend to finish shopping. Within seconds of posting up in this chair I was smitten. I mentioned the Lounger in passing to Elizabeth, thinking nothing of it. (Of course, she kept that little comment in her memory). Fast forward to my 28th birthday and I was lucky enough to get my very own ENO Lounger!

The perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life //


One minor complaint I have about the Lounger is that it tends to be difficult to put back in the nylon bag it comes in. It’s not really a flaw per se, though, because when packing this thing for a camping trip it becomes beneficial that it gets packed so small. I did find it tough, however to fully pack the Lounger into the bag nicely.

The perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life //

Other Features and Benefits

On the left side of the Lounger, you’ll find a handy drink holder with a drawstring. I use this constantly! There’s nothing like swinging with your feet up and sipping on a nice lemonade, beer, or Coca-Cola. On the right side of the chair they’ve put an elastic-lined pocket. I’ve found this is perfect for holding a magazine or novel while you’re doing something else. For those of you that have children, this chair is great for swinging with your kids. Our daughter loves the gentle rocking motion and it was quite effective at relaxing her in preparation for naps. Therefore, it was an extremely valuable tool for sleep-deprived parents like us!

Items For Your Complete Lounging Experience

Eagles Nest Outfitters Lounger Chair

Porch Swing Spring

Hammock Hanging Kit

And there you have it! A great review on the perfect gift for the outdoor or comfort-seeking person in your life!

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The perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life //


The perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life //



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