Today marks my one year anniversary in the blog world. I had a hunch that 2014 would be an interesting year but I never would have imagined that we would have bought a house, lost a grandparent, got a dog, and had a baby all in the same year.  This past year has had so many ups and downs and I have learned so much through each experience.

To end the year of 2014 we drove to Georgia to stay with family friends to attend their annual New Years Eve party. Every year they have a party and every year they invite everyone in the neighborhood. As I began to meet the neighbors I learned how long each person had lived on the “circle”, what their profession was (most of them are retired) and how long they had known the hosts. After I had met the majority of the neighbors I thought “how great is it that these people living in the neighborhood enjoy each others company so much they choose to spend time with each other on New Years Eve”. That got me thinking about my own neighbors whom I know but would probably not choose to spend New Years Eve with them. I love the feeling of community and how it shapes people and hope the relationships with my neighbors will grow into a lasting friendship.

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I went back and read my first blog entry and I went over the resolutions I made for myself. The items that are italicized are ones that I was able to accomplish.


  • Start a blog.
  • Watch When Harry Met Sally on New Year’s Day.
  • Wear red lipstick more.
  • Do cardio at least 3 times a week.
  • Go on more walks with Michael.
  • Expand my book list.
  • Read more books.
  • Make the bed everyday.
  • Straighten up the living room every evening.
  • Write more letters.
  •  Be less critical.
  • Think positive!
  • Don’t over analyze things.
  • Take time to recognize the little things.
  • Take time to laugh.
  • Stretch more.
  • Put more money into savings.
  • Recycle more.
  • Try at least 3 new recipes a month.
  • Take more picnics.
  • Build a drawing horse.
  • Set up the art studio.
  • Get outside to sketch nature.
  • Finish my praying hands drawing.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Have lunch with Michael more at the office.
  • Worry less.

There are a few that I accomplished that I want to keep on my list for this year to make it a habit. Below are my resolutions for 2015. Just like last year, the number of resolutions will coordinate with my age.

  1. Do more cardio
  2. Stretch more.
  3. Read more books.
  4. Clean common rooms at the end of each day.
  5. Write more letters.
  6. Don’t over analyze things.
  7. Try at least three new recipes a month.
  8. Take more picnics.
  9. Build a drawing horse.
  10. Set up the art studio.
  11. Finish my praying hands drawing.
  12. Get outside to sketch more.
  13. Worry less.
  14. Try new shades of lipstick.
  15. Find a place to use my Zumba certification.
  16. Take Charlotte on more walks.
  17. Start to fill in Charlotte’s baby book.
  18. Try new finger nail polish colors.
  19. Clean out the guest bedroom.
  20. Create an organization system in the garage.
  21. Paint the master bedroom.
  22. Look into Pilates certification.
  23. Have better posture.
  24. Get back into dance.
  25. Lose the remaining baby weight.
  26. Take up clean eating.
  27. Make baby food.
  28. Think Positive!

I love doing the same number of resolutions as your age. It is a fun challenge and it helps me set small realistic goals for the year. We shall see the 2015 has in store for me and my family, I can’t wait!