The One Thing You Should Always Do - Especially While Pregnant |

The One Thing You Should Always Do - Especially While Pregnant |


At the beginning of my first pregnancy my best friend sent me a “Momma-to-be” box. The box was filled with various items like finger nail polish, a Cosmopolitan magazine, lotion, and a set of journals. In the letter that accompanied the box she gave a little anecdote about each item and when the journals came up she said this is so that I can record every memory.

Now, I am not a journal-type person and actually struggled to keep track of one. After reading that I thought, “What a great idea!” I never would have initiated that on my own. Other mothers who recount their pregnancy story told me the time passes too quickly. I did not want for the time to pass quickly and not remember any of those sweet memories.

That day I received the package I began to write. Each week I wrote down a quick recap of what happened. If there was something special like the first time Charlotte kicked I did an extra entry. The journal has helped me remember those special moments whereas not having a journal I know those memories would be lost.

As joyous as it was to have a journal with Charlotte, my journal with Spark took a different tone. It is filled with great sadness and heartache. As I continue to heal the journal continues. Every time I open the journal I am overwhelmed with a feeling of loss. Spark’s story is not over and as difficult as it is to record that I would not change it for the world. I have learned so much about myself, my husband, and God’s goodness.

Now with Bow, I continue that tradition. The weekly recap. Writing down all my feelings good and bad. I say all of this to encourage you to start a journal. You may think, “Why would I record my life? Nothing interesting ever happens.” For a season your life may be “uninteresting” but you never know when you may experience something worth capturing.

Life is so fleeting. It can pass you by without notice. If there is one thing I learned from my pregnancies it is this…Life is worth capturing. Life is worth cherishing. Life is worth remembering. Life is worth loving.


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