The One Song You HAVE To Have On Your Tailgate Playlist |
The One Song You HAVE To Have On Your Tailgate Playlist |

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With September quickly approaching that can only mean one thing…COLLEGE FOOTBALL! I love college football! Every Saturday morning College Gameday gets turned on and we take in all the latest football news and strategy while sipping on delicious coffee. Then the clock turns 12 noon and the games begin. We all gather as a family in the living room and enjoy the display of athleticism. When the University of Georgia plays, Michael and I love to teach the cheers and chants to Charlotte. She is at the age where she can repeat sentences and it brings a big smile to our faces when she cheers on the Bulldogs.

Now, me being the obsessive multi-tasker that I am, I cannot just sit on the couch and watch television all day. Saturdays become a good day for catching up on laundry, blog maintenance, or workout routines. Gathering around the television all day is not the most quality of family time but with busy lives and always being on the go, college football is one thing that brings us all together during the busiest time of the year.

Back to the purpose of this post. Everyone knows that proper tailgating is just as important as watching the big game. In the south, tailgating is very important. It is an event in and of itself. One of the key components of a great tailgate is the music. The music has to be on point! There is nothing worse than bad music at a tailgate. It really spoils a great time. Now I do not know about you, but a tailgate playlist in the south is made up of classic rock. I have already started putting together a playlist for all your tailgate needs but I need your input before I hit publish. What is the one, two, or three classic rock songs you just HAVE to have on your tailgate playlist? 

Be sure to let me know your must have song in the comments and SHARE with your friends so I can build the perfect playlist!


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