The One Cleaning Hack Not To Do //

The One Cleaning Hack Not To Do //

Have you ever seen “cleaning hacks” on Pinterest? I am always looking for clever, easier, or quicker ways to clean. One of the first cleaning hacks I read on Pinterest was to sprinkle your mattress or carpet with baking soda, let it sit for a bit, then take your vacuum and clean everything up. It will freshen everything and remove odors. Today I am going to tell you why you should NOT do this cleaning “hack”.

I did this “hack” about a dozen times on our carpets and mattresses and it did remove some smells, however, the one thing I did not take into account was what it would do to my vacuum. Coming from a big family I have seen my fair share of vacuum cleaners. We have used and abused vacuums and now having recently bought a nice one for my own home I am much more aware of proper vacuum care.

After speaking with a trusted family friend who owns a vacuum shop in my town, he explained to me why this is not good for vacuums. Vacuums are not tightly sealed. Especially bagless ones. As it pulls dirt and objects from the floor the dirt gets passed around inside the vacuum. The dirt itself has a long way to travel to get to the bag or canister. Because vacuums are not perfectly sealed from one chamber to the next the dirt will find its way to other areas within the vacuum.

This is a problem!

The One Cleaning Hack Not To Do //

When dirt finds its way to an area where it should not be, like the belts or cogs, it slows down the cleaning process. The more it hinders this process the less efficient your vacuum becomes. Baking soda is incredibly fine and will travel anywhere if you let it. The more baking soda you insert into your vacuum the slower and less functional it will become. After telling me all of this, the vacuum shop owner proceeded to say, “It is great for my repair business!” Apparently he gets vacuums in all the time with this issue. He not only cleans out the machine but has to replace a number of parts. I was surprised to hear how many Dysons he has to repair.

So what is a good alternative to the baking soda?

He told me about vacuum beads. You place the beads in your machine and it helps to freshen everything up from the inside out. By having the beads inside the machine it prevents odors from being recirculated back into the surfaces.

Please check which beads are appropriate for your vacuum cleaner. 

All in all do NOT suck up baking soda with your vacuum- unless you want to spend money repairing your current machine or buying a completely new one.

Do you have a similar cleaning experience? Have you tried a “hack” that did not pan out? Let me know if the comments below!

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