New Goals For A New Year // It is time for a make over! Check out the new direction and look for Love Doing Life. #newlook #makeover #goals #resolutions //

A new year is upon us and I am excited to see what 2018 has in store! Every year in December I sit down and begin to make a list of goals/resolutions I want for myself for the new year. And every year the number of goals is the same as my age. A few years ago, my best and I were talking about happiness and goals and she mentioned this was something she does every year and I just thought it was a fun idea. Of course the older I get the less monumental these goals seem to be, however, the years that I have set goals have been some of the most exciting ones. Today I am going to share with you my new goals for a new year.

Last year I set a tall order when it came to goals. Most were very achievable, however, we did have a lot of sicknesses. We started the year with my husband becoming so sick me and the babies had to spend more than a week at my parent’s house away from Michael. Sweet Bow was a newborn and could not be around my husband, Baby Sweet was young as well and it was not wise to have her around my husband either. As for me, I had just had a c-section delivery. I did not need to be anywhere near Michael while he was sick. It was the hardest ten days. Oscar, my dog, has been in and out of the vet’s office all year. We can’t seem to figure out what is going on with him. Most months he has had at least two vet visits.

While I am thankful nothing more serious happened in 2017, sickness made some of the goals difficult to achieve. When the DIY budget has to cover vet bills some projects get put on the back burner. I want to share with you my goals for that year. Even though I did not achieve them all, they made me think about the direction for my life and work. I want to encourage you as you look over 2017 give thanks for the blessings in your life. And no blessing is too small. That way negativity does not overwhelm you.

New Goals For A New Year // It is time for a make over! Check out the new direction and look for Love Doing Life. #newlook #makeover #goals #resolutions //


1. Write more letters. Snail mail really is the best mail.

2. Take more picnics. Who doesn’t love picnics with the family?!

3. Play outside more. I was pregnant during the warm months here in Florida and due to Zika I spent a lot of time in doors.

4. Build a drawing horse. If you are an artist you know exactly what this is. If not here is an image of one. It allows you to sketch/draw/paint with a large drawing pad or canvas.

5. Sketch more. Sketching is really therapeutic for me and with a growing family finding some me time is so important.

6. Walk more. Evening walks are a great way to have some unplugged family time.

7. Paint master bedroom. We have been in our home for two and a half years now and only have paint samples on our walls. I hope this be the year to transform the master bedroom into an oasis.

8. Plant garden. There is a perfect space in front of our house to plant a garden. The best part is, there is already a sprinkler system in that area.

9. Build a children’s farm table. My Baby Sweet is at the age where we can start doing school-related activities and a table that is her size is just what we need.

10. Install shelves over the coffee maker. For several months now we have had the materials to install shelves over our coffee maker. The reason it has not been completed is it involves climbing into the attic. Here in Florida the attic is blisteringly hot during the warm months. Hopefully during the cooler months we can get the shelving unit installed.

11. Go to the beach more. Again, due to Zika making its appearance and setting up camp here in Florida, outdoor activities were not an option. We only live 30 minutes from the beach so there is no reason not to take advantage of that.

12. Paint mailbox post. Like I mentioned above, we have been in our home for two and a half years now and our mailbox post has not been painted.

13. Get back into my pointe shoes. For those of you who do not know, I was a dance major in college and one of my goals, for a long time now, has been to get back into my pointe shoes. If you have ever danced in pointe shoes you know it is no easy accomplishment. Hopefully this goal can be one I can check off my list!

14. Lose the baby weight. After my first pregnancy it took me a long time to lose the baby weight. After eight months after giving birth I became an instructor at the YMCA in my town and that is when the weight started to come off. It was a long journey but totally worth it. I cannot wait to be cleared for physical activity!

15. Reorganize master bedroom closet. The master bedroom closet is very small which makes organization key.

16. Make bed everyday. My husband and I do not wake up at the same time. I am the last one out of bed and when I get up I instantly think about the things I have to accomplish for the day and forget to make the bed. It is a small but disciplined task I really need to start doing.

17. Worry less. Easier said than done, right? I am a worry wart by nature and implementing ways to help me worry less is just what I need in my life.

New Goals For A New Year // It is time for a make over! Check out the new direction and look for Love Doing Life. #newlook #makeover #goals #resolutions //

18. Read more books. I have been dying to read more books and it just seems as though something always gets in the way. This year I want to do more leisure reading.

19. Don’t be afraid to take fashion risks. I love reading fashion blogger’s posts. Seeing their personal style and risks they take is so fun. I especially like Inspiration Indulgence. Chelsea has a great sense of style, you should definitely check out her blog! I want to avoid getting stuck in a rut with my clothing choices and have more fun with fashion.

20. Research adoption options. For about twenty years I have felt the desire to adopt. Ever since I learned about how often Chinese girls are left on the streets or taken to an orphanage because they are unwanted, it broke my heart. After that day, my desire to adopt has never wavered. When Michael and I got serious while dating I shared my heart about adoption and how I needed to be with a man who also had a desire to adopt. Thankfully he shared my vision!

21. Set up an adoption savings. Adoption is not cheap and it never hurts to start saving.

22. More family time. Family is so important to me and carving out specific family time is vital. You only get one chance to have a family and raise kids and that is why is it key to do it right.

New Goals For A New Year // It is time for a make over! Check out the new direction and look for Love Doing Life. #newlook #makeover #goals #resolutions //


23.  Blog about baby weight loss. One of the series I will be doing this year is my weight loss journey post baby. Be on the lookout for this series, coming soon!

24. Write a book. I have been toying with this idea for a while and by the end of this year I will have written a book. Not sure that it will be ready to release to the public but none-the-less it will be written.

25. Start newsletter for the blog. I have been doing research for the majority of last year on how to best implement and content to include in a newsletter and this year I will begin a newsletter.

26. Add new products to the Etsy shop. I have some ideas in the works for new products to add to the shop. I cannot wait to show them to you!

27. Set monthly sales goals. I have loosely been doing this for a while but really need to up my game in meeting them each month.

 28. Start monthly blog goals. When I first started reading other blogger’s monthly goal posts I did not understand why it was so important to blog about the goals. Now seeing how they are to keep the blogger accountable and to share with their readers the direction of the blog it is much more useful than I thought.

29. Find ways to get paid to write. I have been doing a lot of research on how bloggers are getting paid to write and this is definitely an area of the blog world I am interested in. I love writing for my blog without getting paid but would also love to make some money on the side.

30. Produce solid income via blog and/or Etsy shop. My husband and I both took out loans so we could go to college. While that is seen as “good” debt it is debt none-the-less. I would love to be able to make a significant dent in that this year due to my blogging and Etsy shop efforts.

New Goals For A New Year // It is time for a make over! Check out the new direction and look for Love Doing Life. #newlook #makeover #goals #resolutions //

Now that I have shared my goals and resolutions for last year, here is my list for this year.


1. Research homeschool. Homeschooling has changed since I was in it and because the school system is not the best I will be homeschooling my children. I am excited about this new venture and there are many many resources to take advantage of.

2. Begin homeschooling. Starting in August, Baby Sweet will begin more structured learning.

3. Replace 2 windows (at least) on the house. The windows on my house are original and are terrible at keeping the AC and heat in the house. My husband and I are slowly replacing the windows one and a time.

4. Install doors on the kid’s closets. When I moved into my house the original closets doors were sliding. Which meant half the closet was blocked at any given time. This year I would like to install bifold doors. That way the closets/mess is not exposed.

5. Choose new colors for the house. My house is currently painted blue. I call it the “Smurf House”. It is not a terrible color scheme just not my favorite. I would love to finally choose new colors for the so the painting can begin! If you have any recommendations please let me know!

6. Build a bench for front door entryway. I have some wood from the fence that used to be up around the house that I want to repurpose for the front entryway.

7. Build vanity in master bath. This year we had to completely redo the master bathroom and my husband and I chose to DIY a lot of things to save money. The last thing on the list is to build the vanity.

8. Build children’s farm table. Baby Sweet will need a place to do activities and school and a farm table will be perfect for the play area.

9. Write more letters. I love receiving snail mail and every year this is on my list. The feeling I get from reading a letter from someone is wonderful and I would love to be the one who makes someone else feel special.

10. Get better at meal planning. I started to do this towards the end of the year and it felt great to be organized and prepared for dinner. If you have not tried meal planning I highly encourage you to. And if you have done meal planning I would love some tips!

11. Finish painting master bedroom. My bedroom is 80% painted and I really want to finish it. I am looking forward to a little retreat. 

12. Build swingset. My husband and I wanted to build a swingset for the babies for Christmas, however, it ended costing a little more than we anticipated. It is going to be a project at a later date. 

13. Continue backyard renovation. Ever since Michael and I moved into our house, we have been working on the backyard. It used to be covered in unkempt bushes and trees. It looks drastically different already but the next step is making it pretty!

14. Build garden. This has been on my list for several years but always takes a backseat due to cost. I really hope this year I get to make it happen!

15. Workout at least twice a week. Last October I decided to leave my fitness job and be home with the kids full time. I love being at home, however, working out has become harder to do. I have only missed a couple of weeks but I want to make sure that I stick to a schedule. Do you workout at a gym or at home? 

16. Replace sliding doors. The sliding door going to the screened in porch has a lot of gaps. It really needs to be replaced to make this house more efficient. 

17. Replace front door. The front door really needs an update. Like the sliding door, it has gaps. 

18. Find more ways to de-stress. I tend to be a high-stress type of person which means that I need to make sure I am de-stressing each and every day. 

19. Enjoy the outdoors. Here in Florida, we have wonderful weather pretty much all year round and I want to be better about taking advantage of it. Do you enjoy being outside? I would love some ideas for things to do outside!

New Goals For A New Year // It is time for a make over! Check out the new direction and look for Love Doing Life. #newlook #makeover #goals #resolutions //


20. Write a book. This was on my list last year and even though I did not write a word I was able to figure out what I wanted to write about. I really hope to have the book written this year. Have you ever written a book? I would love some tips!

21. Finish media kit. I have had a media kit template for a while and just keep putting it off. Now that one of my goals is to pitch myself to at least 5 brands, finishing my media kit is essential. 

22. Pitch myself to at least 5 brands. This is something I am excited but also terrified about. For those who are not bloggers, pitching myself to a brand means to basically sell me to a brand. I tell them why we should work together. There is a little more to it but that it pitching myself in a nutshell. 

23. Continue the holiday dance video series. I took a long break from the holiday dance series due to pregnancy and I am so excited to begin again! 

24. Look into influencer marketing companies. Influencer marketing companies assist bloggers in landing sponsored posts. They are a great tool for bloggers who are looking for help landing paid gigs!

25. Book at least 3 collaborations. feel free to ask me!I would love to land more than three for this year but have never had a paid collaboration three is a good place to start. If you have any specific questions about collaborations  

26. Create more dance videos. I am very excited to be creating dance videos again. I have some great content planned!

27. Be more disciplined with my schedule. Being a full-time mom and wife is a big responsibility, so finding time for blogging can be tough. I plan on having a more strict schedule for blog work to try and maximize my time. 

28. Start earlier in the day with blogging. Going off of the goal above waking up earlier each day to get in a couple of hours of blogging, before the babies wake up, will help me be more productive. 

29. Create videos that are not dance related. Along with creating more dance videos I also want to create more videos overall. A couple of years ago I did vlogmas every day in December and while it was very time-consuming, I had the best time creating. I won’t be vlogging every day but I do plan to put more videos out there. 

30. Make steady money from the blog and store. While I don’t plan to make a living, I would love to have a steadier profit coming in each month. 

31. Go to a blogger conference. Pending there is one available near me, I would love to go to a blogging conference to help hone my craft. If you know of one in Florida, please let me know!

I want to encourage you to set a few goals for yourself. Even if you do not meet those goals you will have at least tried and that is really the point of setting goals. Goals help us make a change. No matter what, in life, things are always changing. We can choose to change for the better or worse. I have noticed when I do not set goals for myself I change for the worse. Later in the month, I will be sharing why it is vital to set goals, so stay tuned!





New Goals For A New Year // It is time for a make over! Check out the new direction and look for Love Doing Life. #newlook #makeover #goals #resolutions //