Monthly Goals: May Love //

Happy May! We are almost half way through the year, can you believe it?! Summer is just around the corner and even though I do not have any school aged children I cannot wait! April was a tough month in terms of goals. I felt pretty defeated all month trying to accomplish the goals for the month of April. Despite my best effort I came up pretty short. Social media goals were very discouraging. Any other fellow bloggers out there have dismal participation on Instagram? I killed my IG for the month of March but April was hard.

Facebook has always been tough for me to grow so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t meet that goal. I did gain five new subscribers, which is AWESOME! If you want a little extra love, encouragement or be the first to hear about exciting promotions and things happening at Love Doing Life then you need to subscribe at the end of the post of CLICK HERE. 

I made one Etsy sale which is better than none but it has been tough to make my sales quota each month. I will say that I have a new product in the works that I am super excited about. To be among the first to know what it is you need to subscribe!

I did pretty well with healthy eating for my continued postpartum weight loss. If you have not check out the series CLICK HERE for part one and CLICK HERE for part two. Part three will be coming this month. I did not write five letters but the point of that goal was to get me writing snail mail again which it did. The mailbox post got painted yesterday. The last day of April, so just in time. And I unfortunately did not get around to reading As a recap here are the goals for the month of April.


  • Grow my Instagram following to 700 – This has become my favorite platform the share and connect with people. If you are not following CLICK HERE! I have so much fun with the stories!
  • Grow my Facebook page to 375 likes – If you are always on Facebook this is a great way to never miss a post! CLICK HERE to like the Love Doing Life page!
  • Gain FIVE new subscribers – This area is still new to me so I am taking it one step at a time. CLICK HERE to subscribe! Since I am not a fan of a ton of emails, I will not do that to you. Right now my “Sunday Love” newsletter only goes out once a month.
  • Get ahead on blog posts – I am barely keeping my head above water when it comes to blog posts. I am still learning how to balance the blog, Etsy shop, and two children. If this is something you are good at tell me your secret! I want to know!
  • Make at least three Etsy sales – If you have not checked out the Etsy shop lately CLICK HERE  to see all the wonderful items that are offered! Easter and Mother’s Day is coming! Also, I am currently offering 20% off your order. Use the code EASTER17 at checkout to receive your discount. Do not miss out on this sale!!


  • Continue my healthy eating and workout plan for optimal post baby bod! I am feeling better and better about this venture. If you have not read my postpartum weight loss part one or postpartum weight loss part two be sure to check them out!
  • Write five letters – I love receiving snail mail and I also love sending snail mail! There is something very satisfying about it.
  • Paint mailbox post – Our mailbox post needs to painted or sealed, especially since the weather here in Florida will really take a toll on wood.
  • Read one book – Some of you may laugh at the thought of only reading one book but allow me to share with you all the things I try to balance. A husband, toddler, three-month old, dog, cleaning, laundry, meals, fitness classes, writing a book, master bath renovation, blogging, Etsy shop, friends, family, and sometimes when I am lucky me. There are so many facets to my life which I love but by the end of the day I can barely keep my eyes open. The thought of reading a book puts me to sleep right now and it’s 4:30 in the afternoon.


And here are the goals for the month of May.


  • Grow my Instagram following to 700 – Hopefully the month of May will be better than April. If you are not following me on Instagram CLICK HERE! You get an inside look at the daily happenings 😉 **Update – May has already been better. I went to bed with 651 followers and woke up with 694. IG baffles me sometimes. My new goal is 750.
  • Grow my Facebook page to 375 likes – If you are always on Facebook this is a great way to never miss a post. CLICK HERE to like the Love Doing Life page!
  • Gain 5 new subscribers – My subscriber list has steadily been growing which is great! I send out content that you do not get here on the blog so be sure to subscribe. you can do that at the end of the post or CLICK HERE.
  • Make at least 3 Etsy sales – I have a big sale going on right now at the shop! Use the code MOTHER17 at checkout and get 25% off your order! The “My Loves” necklace makes a great Mother’s Day gift! Don’t wait to get your order in. CLICK HERE to view the shop. (This discount is good through May 9th)
  • Purchase items for a new product coming soon to the Etsy Shop – super pumped about this one! I have a fun new product coming your way 😉
  • Make a new blogger friendship – I am really shy when it comes to reaching out to new bloggers. I now know what it feels like to be a guy asking a girl he likes on a date. The fear of rejection is real y’all! Thank goodness for sweet bloggers like Kristin over at The Peculiar Treasure, Crystal at The Cappuccino Traveler, Marsha at Marsha Apsley, and Rachel at The Confused Millennial. The women are amazing! The have reached out to me, supported me, shared my content, and answered questions when I needed help. Their blogs are awesome and you should go check them out!


  • Meal plan and do freezer meals – in conjunction with my postpartum weight loss I want to be better at meal planning and doing freezer meals. This month was bad about planning things last-minute and I know if I plan ahead the meals will be even more healthy. If you have any suggestions/tips/recipes for meal planning and freezer meals PLEASE send them to me!
  • Read one book – I am really going to do it this month!! I have a book that I have been dying to read and by the time I remember to get it it’s midnight and the library is obviously closed.
  • Write 5 letters – I love getting snail mail and love sending it. Plus my sister gave me a book of Awkward Family Photo postcards a while back and have been dying to use them! HAHA!


What are your goals for this month? What are you hoping to accomplish? Let me know in the comments below!


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Monthly Goals: May Love //