Monthly Goals: March Love //

Monthly Goals: March Love //


The month of February was tough. It was the first month I purposefully attempted to get back into blogging since I had my son back in December. During the month of January my thought was, “This will be just like before.” Boy was I wrong! Even though my Sweet Bow was asleep most of the day, I was/still am so tired. When I had my first child I would get up in the middle of the night and only get a few hours of sleep but had enough energy to stay awake during the day. I hardly ever took a nap. I still occasionally take naps. It is quite fascinating how differently I have responded to each pregnancy. Accomplishing my monthly goals seemed nearly impossible. however, I am ready to show March a little love and achieve my goals!

With that said, February was tough but better than January. I blogged more, achieved a number of blog goals, a couple of personal goals and returned to teaching my fitness classes. I would say for a mom of two (and a fur baby) that is pretty good! Here are my February goals and what I achieved.

February Blog Goals

  • Grow my Instagram to 550 followers – not a follower? Click HERE to check out my feed!
  • Grow my Facebook page to 325 likes – haven’t checked out Love Doing Life’s Facebook page? Click HERE to see what’s happening!
  • Make at least 2 Etsy sales – Have you checked out the shop lately? Click HERE to see the products I offer! I have several items perfect for Valentine’s Day!
  • Send out first ever newsletter – If you want to be included be sure to enter your email address under the “Subscribe” label just to the right of your screen.
  • Start a blog series about my baby weight loss – I am excited about this one!

February Personal Goals

  • Walk at least two times per week – This is one of my favorite ways to spend some “unplugged” family time.
  • Make the bed at least three times per week – I have been so bad about this for years and I really want to be more disciplined in the mornings.
  • Install shelves over the coffee maker – For months we have had the materials to install shelves over our coffee maker and have not been able to do it due to the extreme heat. It is a project that involves spending time in the attic. Here in Florida if you go into the attic during the hot months it will reach temperatures well over 100 degrees. Now that it has cooled down we can actually get the project done!

So I killed it with the blog goals! I only got one Etsy sale in February; I would consider that a half victory. It is really tough to get and KEEP Instagram followers. I was amazed to see how many people will unfollow after a few days. I also sent out my first newsletter! It was so exciting to add that to one of the many facets of Love Doing Life. My newsletter is called “Sunday Love”. If you would like to receive a little extra love in your inbox, you can subscribe at the end of this post or by clicking “Sunday Love”.

As far as personal goals go, we only walked a couple of times this month. I am ready to have more daylight. By the time my husband gets home there isn’t much left. Hopefully we will walk more in March. I am very proud to say that I made the bed at least three times each week! On the days I did make the bed I felt great and more productive. I most certainly plan on keeping this one in the morning routine. Sadly the shelves did not get installed last month. It is one of those projects that I cannot do on my own which means aligning multiple schedules. My hope is this will get done this week.

UPDATE: The shelves got installed this past weekend!! I am so pumped and will be sharing a DIY post soon!

And now time for my goals for March!

Monthly Goals: March Love //

March Blog Goals

  • Grow my Instagram following to 600 – If you are not following on Instagram CLICK HERE! It is a great way to see what goes on day-to-day!
  • Grow my Facebook page to 350 likes – If you are on Facebook a lot this is a great way to find out when a new post has been published. CLICK HERE to check it out!
  • Gain FIVE new subscribers – This area is still new to me so I am taking it one step at a time. CLICK HERE to subscribe! Since I am not a fan of a ton of emails, I will not do that to you. Right now my “Sunday Love” newsletter only goes out once a month.
  • Get ahead on blog posts – I have been barely keeping my head above water when it comes to blog posts. I am still learning how to balance the blog, Etsy shop, and two children. If you have a method that works for you please share! I need help with this.
  • Make at least two Etsy sales – If you have not checked out the Etsy shop lately CLICK HERE  to see all the wonderful items that are offered! Easter is coming! 😉

March Personal Goals

  • Continue to walk at least two times per week – This will become much easier when Daylight Savings begins. By the time my husband gets home there isn’t much light left. Cannot wait for more sunshine in the day!!
  • Write five letters – I love receiving snail mail and I also love sending snail mail! There is something very satisfying about it.
  • Paint mailbox post – Our mailbox post needs to painted or sealed, especially since the weather here in Florida will really take a toll on wood.

And there you have it! My goals for the month of March. What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments below!


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Monthly Goals: March Love //