Monthly Goals: August Love //…things-im-loving

August is here! I love when August rolls around. I consider it my “prep month”. We have so many celebrations and holidays in the Fall, so August is my time to get my head on straight before we hit the ground running. July was so-so when it comes to goals, I accomplished about half my goals which isn’t terrible but still not ideal. July also brought on the first family sickness. Sweet Hubby, Baby Sweet and Sweet Bow all got sick. Thankfully I did not get sick, knock on wood, must be the “mom immune system” working its magic. Now that August is here I fully intend to take things up a notch. The best way to do that is by setting some monthly goals: August love & 3 things I am loving! 

One year ago my Sweet Hubby challenged me to make a decision. The choices were – A: keep the blog exactly like it was, which was not much. I was publishing once a week with not-so-great photos and was not seeing much growth. B: Step it up a notch. Take better photos. Plan out my posts. Publish several times a week. He challenged me to really make something of the blog. I opted for option B. I went from one post to three posts a week. It was tough but such an amazing way to hone my skills. I cut back to two posts a week now that I have two little ones in the house, that schedule is much more doable. For the month of August I am setting goals that will push me closer to where I want to be long-term.

A little recap, here are my goals for the month of July.


  • Photo shoot with my sister – One of my blog goals for this month is to do a little mini face lift for the blog. If you frequent the blog you may have noticed I added a “Collections” tab at the top. This tab houses all the different collections or series I have for the blog. Fitness. Playlists. Postpartum. You can find them all under that tab for easy access. I am also going to be adding more pages to the blog with fresh photos. The photos you see at the top of the right column and on the about page were taken at 24 weeks pregnant. I think it is time for new ones. 🙂
  • Write ahead – This will forever be a goal of mine. For a few weeks I had the posts written a few days before hand but I have been regressing in the past week.
  • Gain 5 new subscribers – My subscriber list has steadily been growing which is great! I send out content that you do not get here on the blog so be sure to subscribe. You can do that at the end of the post or CLICK HERE.
  • Up my Pinterest game – I am currently reading Pinterest Strategies for Brands and Bloggers to help with that. You can CLICK HERE to follow me up Pinterest!
  • Start Q & A series – I have been wanting to start a Q & A series for a long time and you can help with that! CLICK HERE to contact me via email or you can submit your question in the comments below! It can be about anything. Marriage, parenting, dance, Florida life, cleaning, etiquette, fitness, how I got to be so cool 😉 haha! And feel free to ask as many questions as you like. 🙂


  • Finish my book – I HAVE to finish The Magnolia Story this month. I get sidetracked and I really need to set aside some time to finish.
  • Send out baby announcements – Yeah, that did not happen last month either. Again, I just need to schedule some time and do it.
  • Clean garage – We clean out the garage every few months. Things just begin to pile up and before you know it you can’t walk any where.


Monthly Goals: August Love //…things-im-loving


Here are my goals for the month of August.



  • Add new product to the shop – There is a product that I have been wanting to sell since the beginning of the blog and I finally have a way to do it! Stay tuned! For now you can CLICK HERE to see the products that are currently available in the shop.
  • Gain 10 new subscribers – My subscriber list has steadily been growing which is great! I send out content that you do not get here on the blog so be sure to subscribe. You can do that at the end of the post or CLICK HERE.
  • Hit 1,000 on Instagram – I am getting so close to that goal! If you are curious about the daily happenings with me and my family then you need to follow me on Instagram!
  • Update pins – I finished reading Pinteresting Strategies and it is totally worth the money! If you are looking to up your Pinterest game then this is the book for you. (This is NOT an affiliate link, the book was just that good 😉 )


  • Build bench for entry way – We have some wood from an old fence that would be perfect to turn into a bench for seasonal decor!
  • Finish painting the master bathroom – Our master bath renovation is almost complete and there are a few things left to finish.
  • Build master bathroom vanity – This is the last thing to do with the master bath renovation and then I can share the before and after photos!


And now for the three things I was loving in the month of July!

  1. Homemade chocolate chip cookies! I have a family recipe that is to die for! Seriously. They are the best chocolate chip cookies ever, and out of all the recipes I have either tried or looked at it the only one with a “secret” ingredient. 😉
  2. Family. A couple of weeks ago we drove up to South Carolina for a family reunion. It was so much fun and a nice little getaway!
  3. Mom jeans. A little over a year ago, I bought some Eddie Bauer jeans from the Salvation Army. They are probably from the early 90’s, they are fabulous, and I am not ashamed to wear them!

Monthly Goals: August Love & 3 Things I'm Loving //…things-im-loving


Now that I have established my goals, it is now time to get to work! What goals do you have for the month of August? Any goals this week? Were you able to accomplish your goals for the month of July? What are you currently loving?


Monthly Goals: August Love & 3 Things I'm Loving  //…things-im-loving