Maternity Clothes: How Much You Really Need To Buy //

In January of 2014, when I found out I was pregnant with Baby Sweet I was excited about getting new clothes. (That was until I went shopping for maternity clothes and was bawling my eyes out in the middle of Target but that’s a story for another time.) I really don’t like wasting money and the thought of buying an entirely new wardrobe made me cringe. So I decided to keep it simple, buy smart. Today’s post is all about maternity clothes: how much you really need to buy. 

Then with my second pregnancy I tried a different approach. After having two very different pregnancies, I am going to share with you a little guide on maternity clothes: how much is too much. Or how little is too little.

The long-term view needs to be considered as well as the short-term viewpoint. The long-term viewpoint is the fact that this is a very short chapter and spending a lot of money for an entirely new wardrobe is excessive. The short-term viewpoint is pregnancy is tough. It is physically and emotionally draining and putting on a beautiful dress can make all the difference.

Maternity Clothes: How Much You Really Need To Buy //

Seven Months Pregnant

When I got pregnant the first time I purposely limited the amount of clothing I bought. I purchased a few larger tops, two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts. I purchased items that could be worn even when not pregnant, with the exception of the pants and shorts. Buying a ton of clothes that would only be used for a short period of time seemed unnecessary. I believe it is a waste and still do.

After having a miscarriage before conceiving Sweet Bow, insecurities were in full effect. Insecurities from the past and worries about the future. Having a full term, healthy baby is such a rarity and my worries began to consume me. Dealing with those insecurities and worries is a topic for a different day, however, one of the ways I got myself through some tough days was by putting on a pretty dress. It may seem like a very superficial way to deal with deep issues but it’s not.

Maternity Clothes: How Much You Really Need To Buy //

Three And A Half Months Postpartum

While pregnant with Sweet Bow I did splurge on a few more items. Dresses were my jam and they really helped bring a smile to my face. I felt confident. Having those extra pieces added to my maternity wardrobe was great. I do not regret those purchases at all.


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It is not bad to go simple. I had just what I needed at the time and I do love that all the tops I can wear today even though I’m not pregnant.


It is also ok to splurge. Buying a few new outfits during my pregnancy was a real mood booster and one of the most important things I needed to do for my unborn child was to not stress. For nine months my body was growing. Towards the end of it all I felt like a fat lard and was completely baffled by my hubby giving me the “I’m about to jump your bones” look. However, I need to feel confident and a pretty dress helped with that.

Side Note: My husband is attracted to me even when I feel like a beached whale and I LOVE it! It is truly amazing how God placed that desire in him. 

Maternity Clothes: How Much You Really Need To Buy //

Five Months Pregnant


Make smart purchases. My main goal was to buy items that I could wear pregnant or not, however, sometimes that can’t be helped. For example maternity pants, you can’t really wear those when you’re not pregnant. Most of the tops and dresses I bought can be worn no matter what state my body is in. Also, if I am able to take care of the pregnant specific clothing items, hopefully one day I can pass them along to a mom in need. Now that would be a great day!

Maternity Clothes: How Much You Really Need To Buy //

Three And A Half Months Postpartum

What is your stance on pregnancy clothes? Did you buy a lot or a little? Haven’t been pregnant yet, what are your thoughts on my findings? Let me know in the comments below!




Maternity Clothes: How Much You Really Need To Buy //


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