Michael and I have been in our new house for close to two months, and now that the dust has settled the exploring has begun. I am familiar with the town we are living in due to that fact that it is where I spent the majority of my younger years growing up, however I have been gone for a long time and so much has changed. One little treasure that I finally went to was a local bagel shop. My family would not stop talking about this place, so I decided to check it out for myself. I ordered bacon, egg, and cheese on a pumpernickel bagel, a chocolate chip muffin, and a blueberry muffin. My family’s reviews did not disappoint. Everything was so delicious and the people who work there are very nice.


Another little treasure in my town is a place called Go Native. It’s a little surf shop, tucked away and could easily be overlooked but the fact that it sits right next to Ace, one of my husbands favorite stores, we see it a lot! So Michael and I decided to go in and check it out. As we are walking around the store I see the clearance rack, my favorite rack in any store, and found the most adorable bathing suit for Cricket. It’s so cute, I almost started to cry. The woman at the register¬†was so nice and friendly. Our experience in Go Native was a great one!

Cricket Bathing Suit_Fotor

One more little treasure, although it’s not so little, is Ace! Michael and I love this store! Everyone is so nice and incredibly helpful. Every time I walk in the employees are ready and willing to help me out with anything I might need. Even the employees at the registers are nice. All I have to say about Ace is if you have one in your town, GO!

Ace Hardware_Fotor

After trying out a few places in my own town, my recommendation is to explore the town that you live in. No matter how big or small you can always find a little treasure. And remember the treasure does not have to be a store, it can be a place in nature or a person.