I found out yesterday that my grandmother on my mother’s side was admitted into the hospital for labored breathing. Now, my grandmother is 89 years old, has Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s ¬†disease. She has lived a fabulous life and is an incredible woman. So incredible in fact, she and I have the same first name. As soon as she was settled in the hospital is when all the tests began. Her doctors found a lump in her lung, which we already knew about, and they told us that is has grown and has been growing quite rapidly. The assumption is that it is cancer, but at this point in her life and health there isn’t anything to be done. My family was informed that we need to contact Hospice and make my grandmother as comfortable as possible.

Life as we know it, when we are young, is how to improve our state of living. If we need to get into shape we exercise, if we are unhappy with our weight we change our way of eating, if something is “broken” we find a solution and fix it. One thing that I am coming to realize is that there are some things in life that don’t need to be “fixed” per se but what they need are to be enjoyed. Sometimes what we perceive as a problem really is not a problem at all but a reality. The best way to live one’s life is to love one’s life. At this point in my grandmother’s life, even though she does not really know what is going on, the best thing for her and everyone around her is to enjoy each other’s company.

With that said, my grandmother has lived a long and beautiful life and if anyone knew how to “Love Doing Life” it was definitely her.