On Saturday, August 23rd Michael and I had another baby shower. This particular shower was held in my hometown by one of my sisters and an incredibly sweet woman who I have known for many years. Many close friends and family were able to attend the baby shower and for me this shower was particularly special.

I have been very blessed to have wonderful and amazing people in my life. People who have been constant encouragers and incredible role models. Most of all, I now have the opportunity to share these wonderful people with Michael.

The day was filled with lovely company, delicious food, and of course presents! What can I say, I really enjoy opening presents! 🙂 A while back I had asked my Nonny to make a quilt for Cricket and the quilt made its debut on this day. The quilt is quite beautiful and perfectly classic. It will be something Cricket can cherish and always have a connection to Nonny.

All in all the day was so much fun and a wonderful reunion. Michael and I are immensely blessed to have such beautiful people in our lives.


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