Michael and I have been together, dating and marriage, for almost seven years. And about two years into dating we wanted to get a dog. We both love dogs and grew up with dogs that we just could not wait to get one. Circumstances beyond our control prevented us from getting a dog at that time, however the desire to get one has never gone away. Looking back on where we were in our lives it was a good thing that we waited. When you adopt a dog it is so vital that you have a stable and positive environment to provide for them. Up until a year ago Michael and I were busy with school and work that had we gotten a dog sooner he or she would have spent a lot of time in a kennel and hardly any time getting the opportunity to be a dog. And that type of environment is not fair to place a dog into.

After many years of waiting and being patient Michael and I took the leap into dog ownership! We had been looking on Petfinder for several months at the available dogs for adoption and finally found what we were looking for. On Petfinder they will tell you which shelter is currently housing the animal, the application process, adoption fee, and where and when the animal will be available for adoption. So on Saturday, June 14 Michael and I drove over to the Petco that was holding the adoption for the day. When we got there Save A Life pet rescue was setting up pins and kennels.  We got our name on the list, they do that so there is fairness and order throughout the adoption day, there were a lot of people there wanting to adopt a dog.

Finally the dogs arrive, and there were around 30 dogs up for adoption! As the volunteers from Save A Life were getting things set up, we were informed that they will call the names on the list one by one allowing each person to select the dog of their choice without there being chaos. After waiting a few more minutes they called the first name on the list, Michael and I were about seventh on the list. While we waited for our name to be called we checked out each kennel and pin just observing the dogs. The first pen held puppies about six weeks in age, the second pen held puppies closer to a year in age, and the third pen held puppies twelve weeks in age. We stood next to the third pen and started watching the dogs as they played with each other. About one minute in to watching the twelve week old puppies I spotted him. I nudged Michael and said, “See that one right there, watch him, he’s the one.” While we were waiting for our name to be called, which felt like eternity, we watched this dog play. He was curious, sweet, and composed.

All of a sudden…we hear our names being called.

We tell the volunteer that we would like to play with the puppy we had our eye on. They hand the puppy to Michael and the puppy immediately starts to scrumble with him. It was the most precious thing I have ever seen. The puppy was so calm and sweet which was very odd because at that point there was a huge rain storm with thunder and lightning going on. After a few minutes holding and loving on him we decided he was the one! We filled out the application, paid the donation fee, bought him a few things at Petco, and made our way back home.

For a week and a half we have thoroughly enjoyed having Oscar as the newest addition to our growing family! We couldn’t be happier!

Oscar at 12 Weeks

Oscar at 12 Weeks