For several months Michael and I have been talking about me stepping down from my job to become a full-time mom. So, I took the plunge! I have been a full-time mom now for over a week and I am LOVING it!

The hardest thing while working from home is knowing that there is a to do list to accomplish while this sweet little angel is looking at me wanting me to play with her. I felt like I was missing out on these precious moments with Charlotte and knew that once they are gone they are gone. That is when Michael and I starting talking about me becoming a full-time mom. It seems like it would be an easy decision but I really enjoyed my job and as long as I have been working I truly enjoy the feeling of earning money. Transitioning from working mom to full-time mom was an adjustment but a good friend told me “You will never regret staying home with your children, but you may regret not being at home with¬†them.”

Through all this transition, Michael has been incredible. He was the one that first suggested that I step down from my job and has encouraged me along the way. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to become a full-time mom and have a husband who is in full support of me.