During the last few months of my pregnancy it was difficult to feel good about myself. I felt huge, did not feel motivated to work out,  and was exhausted all the time. From what I am told, it is pretty typical to feel that way at the end of a pregnancy. The reason why the last few months of pregnancy were especially difficult for me, is because I have a history with an eating disorder. People could not tell just by looking at me, however the emotional and mental toll an eating disorder can take on a person is astronomical.

The mental and emotional battle I experienced the last few months of my pregnancy was very tough. And unfortunately, that battle has not stopped. I have come a long way since high school and have had much healing since then. However, everyday is a new challenge and this weekend I experienced some major encouragement.

Sunday after church, I was changing from my church clothes to a more casual outfit. I pulled out some shorts that were pre-pregnancy just to see how much more I had to lose. To my amazement, I was able to zip and button the shorts!!

I felt so encouraged and excited to be getting closer to my fitness goal. It was a great positive boost to keep going. I am quickly finding out how much I need encouragement in any form to keep going. For me, a support system is extremely vital and I am very blessed that that support system comes in the form of friends, family, and my husband. This weekend I received a Facebook message from a sweet friend. I felt very loved and uplifted after reading the message. It put a big smile on my face. Aside from sweet messages from generous friends, my husband is very kind. His support is everything! It would be much more difficult to get back into shape without his help. I am one lucky lady!

If you struggle with an eating disorder please speak to someone. Everyone’s story needs to be heard. Also, find a source of encouragement that promotes a healthy body image. If you know someone who struggles with an eating disorder, reach out to them and send a sweet message. No one can go through life alone.

Nine Weeks Post Baby

Nine Weeks Post Baby