IMG_1560After the holidays and posting a vlog everyday during December, I needed a break. Every now and again I feel like our family needed a little “check up”. Taking a moment to reevaluate things and spend quality time together. Having this time to re-energize was the best thing for my family. It allowed us to get back on the same page. We were able to recuperate and get things back in order. Inevitably the house gets out of control during the holidays and I find it hard to stay on top of things. So, for the past few weeks I cleaned up the holiday decorations, cleaned the house, and cleared our social calendar. I highly recommend taking a family hiatus if you feel that your life has gotten out of control. During our hiatus
we were able to accomplish the following things:


Clean the House

The house was a total disaster after packing up all of our holiday items and was in desperate need of some cleaning. Having the time to focus on cleaning the house allowed the atmosphere in the house to be much more pleasant. I have noticed when our house is dirty it tends to make everyone upset and crabby. Now the house is clean and everyone is happy.


Quality Time

Quality time is one of my love languages which of course means it is very important to me. So having a free social calendar allowed us to spend some quality time together. It was amazing!



Family Events

Having free time meant we could finally do things just as a family. We had at-home movie nights, went out to dinner, and spent some time at the mall. It was very refreshing to have just the family together.

Plan for the Future

Due to the free time, it allowed Michael and I to talk about our goals both immediate and in the future. We have a lot of ideas for house improvements as well as relationship improvements. It was nice to talk about what we desire for our future together.


Same Page 

Because we had the opportunity to talk about our desire for the future it also allowed us to be on the same page. When Michael and I land on different pages it is so difficult to go through life. We tend to argue more and drift apart. Being on the same page with Michael is amazing!

If it has been a while since you have had a family check-up, I highly recommend carving out some time to have one. It is a great way to set your family up for success!