About a month ago I was getting really excited about our first baby shower in Athens, GA. That excitement got me thinking about how much I have been enjoying every part of my pregnancy journey. I have been able to be a part of every step of this journey and has been such an incredible experience.  This got me thinking about how much Michael has not been able to experience first hand. Even though he has gone to almost all doctors appointments, helped decorate the nursery, read baby books, and been involved in every decision. I wanted Michael to have a special something for just him and Cricket. That reminded me of the daddy survival kits that I had seen on Pinterest.

I started doing some research to see what others had put in their daddy survival kits and the majority of baskets included items that help daddy stay sane. I wanted the majority of items to be something Michael could do with Cricket. So I began to think about some activities that Michael and I like to do together. On top of fun activities I knew I had to include some practical items too. When I gave Michael the basket I printed a card that explained why I included each item in the basket.

The Daddy Survival Basket was a huge hit and I really think it helped Michael feel closer to Cricket.


Daddy Survival Basket

                                                       The items in this basket are the essentials                                                                                                                you will need to care for our baby girl.                                                            Some items are new & some are old.

Blanket – for scrumbling
Teddy Bear – for her to hold as she falls fast asleep in your arms
Books – to read to her
Movie – to watch with her
Outfits – to dress her up in princess fashion
Tissues – for the moments she makes you cry
Baby Wipes – for the moments, well…you know
Sanitizing Wipes – for sticky situations
Baby Powder – for the moments that need a little freshening
Binkies – for when you are in need of some quiet time
Advil – for when you do not get that quiet time

I hope you enjoy your daddy survival basket! I love you very much and
just know that you are going to be the most amazing father!

Daddy Survival Basket