Friday night I was able to convince my husband to watch “Music Man”. Although, it did not take a lot of convincing. I told him that it was all about a band; I must tell you that he was in band in high school and really likes anything having to do with band. He’s a total band geek, which is just one of the things I absolutely love about him! After the opening number he was hooked! If you have not seen “Music Man” I highly recommend it!

Saturday I spent the majority of the day at the beach. It was an amazing day for the beach! The weather was beautiful, the water felt refreshing, and the company was amazing. We had the EZ-Up set up, great food, and good music. photo 1It was the best scenario for a perfect beach day. On our way home we spotted the Tumbler from the most recent Batman movies. That was a really cool experience!photo 2

After the beach, we got cleaned up and headed for the movies. We went to see “The Other Woman”. Such a funny movie, definitely recommend that you go see it! Following the movie we headed off to Starbucks for a coffee date. Coffee dates are particularly special to Michael and I. They date as far back as 2007 before we starting dating. Coffee date is a great low-key, inexpensive date. You get to enjoy great coffee and it sparks fun 3

Sunday afternoon I went to Rollins College to see the Bach Festival Society. I got to hear the symphony, a choir, and a couple of soloists give an amazing performance. This was a completely new experience and was not sure if I would enjoy it, needless to say I had a wonderful 4

Sometimes in life doing familiar things really help you relax and enjoy the life you have been given. At the same time, trying something new can really open your eyes to other fascinating experiences life has to offer.