Last Thursday I did my third Salsa night at a local bar and the turn out was less than stellar. The first time there was a large crowd and the second time there was about half as many as the first. I need help! I need inexpensive ideas to entice people in to coming to Salsa night.

I created a page for people to “like” on Facebook and advertised on Facebook about a Target gift card that I was going to give away, thinking people would show up to have a chance to win the gift card. I know that Facebook is not the “end all be all” but the major battle I am trying to fight in my town is people complain about not having anything to do and as soon as events start happening in town very little people show up.

I cannot afford to spend a lot of money on spreading the word but need creative ways to tell people. What are some advertising ideas that have worked for you in the past?