It’s no secret I’ve taken some time off from blogging. A few weeks ago my grandmother passed away and all the family stuff has completely occupied my time. Going through the experience of loosing a grandparent for the first time was full of ups and downs. I never realized just how stressful a funeral and everything leading up to it can be. As preparations were being made for my grandmother, I couldn’t help but compare a funeral to a wedding. Both include extensive planning, tons of opinions, and a full range of emotions. And by the time everything is all said and done you are exhausted in every way. Now that some time has passed, life has come back into its usual routine. It does feel good to have a routine again; keeping myself busy has helped the transition.

I got to thinking back on the day we held my grandmother’s funeral and one of the most therapeutic things I did that day was share with everyone who attend my thoughts about my grandmother.

The following is what I said about her:

Elizabeth Hutchinson was an incrElizabeth Hutchinsonedible woman. And even though she is no longer her on earth she has left something behind that is more precious than the most rare and expensive gem.She had so many exquisite qualities that she strategically sprinkled throughout the generations that followed her. As I thought about the legacy she gave to us I think of her desire for life. Living everyday to its fullest and taking full advantage of the moments that she was given. She had an attitude of “Having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or opinion on something”, better know as stubbornness. She was steadfast in her feelings, ideas and opinions. However, along with that stubbornness came a passion to love. To love those next to her, those who surrounded her, and those who were in any way affected by her. Elizabeth Hutchinson was an exceptional woman. She had the perfect balance of a fiery zeal for absorbing all that life had to offer, from walking across Niagara Falls when it froze over in 1936, when she was only 11. To riding in helicopters across mountains and volcanoes in Hawaii. All the while maintaining the perfect idea of what a lady should be, coral pink lipstick and all. She was an amazing grandmother and a beautiful soul.