Last week Michael told me not to make any plans for the weekend of July 12th and 13th because he had a surprise for me. I said ok and tried not to ask any questions about what we might be doing. As the week went on, Michael revealed that we would be gone most of Saturday and Sunday which meant that Oscar, our puppy, would stay at my parents house. Michael also revealed that this little getaway is our anniversary celebration, which is really August 28. I asked him why we are celebrating so early, to that he replied, “By the time late August comes around, you will of course be very pregnant and probably not feeling that great. So while you are feeling well and up for a weekend away from home I thought this would be the best time.” Hearing that response made me tear up! I am one lucky lady to have such a sweet husband!

Saturday finally came and the celebrations began! For breakfast we had homemade french toast with a strawberry glaze on top! So yummy!

French Toast

After some last-minute packing, we got in the car, dropped Oscar off, and hit the road.


On our way to the mystery destination, Michael told me that we are headed to the place where our life together began. Tears filled my eyes and big smile spread across my face. We were headed to Winter Park, FL! Now before we started exploring downtown Winter Park, we stopped at Trader Joes. I love Trader Joes and we do not have one where we live so we had to stock up!

Trader Joes

After Trader Joes, we set out for downtown Winter Park. Ten minutes later we were ready to explore. We visited some stores, one being Peterbrook Chocolatier where we of course bought some treats! By this time we were ready for lunch and made our way to a place called BurgerFi. So delicious! One of my favorite places to go when I am in Winter Park.

BurgerFi BurgerFi2

We then ventured to our wedding site. Every time we go back I get chills. It so special to be standing in the same place where we exchanged vows. (The images below are what the site looks like now versus the day we got married.)

WagonPhoto WagonKiss


DipPhoto1                 DipPhoto


WeddingAlter     WeddingAlterKiss

We then made our way to the hotel, checked in, and got some rest. When we checked in to the hotel we originally had a room that was located on the backside of the building. We were asked if we wanted to upgrade to a balcony room at no extra charge, our response was, “Yes please!”. The hotel had an old, classic feel to it and it was full of southern charm which I love!


After some rest and relaxation, we got all gussied up and were off to dinner! We stopped at a place called “Frenchy’s” and had a drink, I of course got water. Frenchy’s is this cute french restaurant on the main street in downtown Winter Park. It’s small and just perfect for an intimate dinner or a couple of drinks before your dinner destination.


We finish our drinks and headed over to Prato. Prato is also on the main street in downtown, and has the coolest vibe. The best way to describe it is farmhouse meets Italian. Everything they make is from scratch using farm fresh ingredients. We started with an appetizer that had ricotta cheese, prosciutto, cherries, and mint on top of their homemade bread. It was so delicious, I seriously could have eaten that for my meal. Next the main course came. Michael got “Fusilli Nero” a pasta dish where the pasta was black and had tomatoes, clams, and spices. I got “Egg Bucatini” a dish with homemade spaghetti like pasta, a light tomato sauce cooked with herbs and duck. I had never had duck before and was very hesitant to try it. Thankfully Michael talked me into getting the dish and it was one of the best meals I have ever had. As the waitress was clearing out table I asked her to take a photo of us since we were celebrating our anniversary. She of course obliged and brought out a dessert for us on the house. Needless to say our experience at Prato was incredible! If you are in Winter Park I highly recommend going to Prato for a meal!


Following dinner we headed back to the hotel to enjoy our chocolate treats we had purchased earlier in the day and just relaxed. The next day we called down for room service, which was complimentary! Enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast and then got everything packed up to head home.


Before we made it home we did a little bit of shopping at a nearby outdoor mall, then had lunch at Chipotle. I love Chipotle because of how fresh everything tastes. If you have a Chipotle near you, you should go! The final thing we did before heading home was a quick stop at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. It was the perfect way to top off a perfect weekend!

Chipotle        Jeremiahs

I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am to have such generous and thoughtful husband. He definitely knows how to spoil me and make me feel amazing! I am also thankful to have a husband who loves doing life just as much as I do!