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In continuation with my Finding Happiness Project, the month of March challenged me to bring happiness into my work place. Now I am extremely lucky and do not have to work to support my family. I have a very hard working husband who provides for our family in such a way that I get to be a full time mom. I do teach a couple of classes at our local YMCA but other than that I get to be home with my sweet daughter. My work place already tends to be happy, however, I do have my low moments like everybody else.

For those of you who do not know my Finding Happy Project is based on the book The Happiness Project. It is an excellent book and if you have not read it I highly recommend it! Gretchen Rubin is a wonderful writer and challenges you to look at all aspects of your life and ways to help shine a little happiness into them. I mention this to say, BUY THE BOOK! I am just sharing my experience reading and applying the book and therefore should not be a substitute.



This one was really hard for me. As a perfectionist, failing is not an option. It is actually not in my vocabulary. Putting myself in a position to fail is a very scary thought, so I had to retrain my thinking from “being in a position to fail” to “being in a position to succeed”. When I first began to blog I was very scared. All I could think about was, “Who would want to read my thoughts?” Over the years, I have had people reach out to me and thank me for various posts. It is such an incredible feeling knowing someone else has either gone through the same thing or thanks me for sharing my experience.

As I was deciding what “risky” venture I would try next, the idea of an Esty shop has intrigued me. I always put it off because I felt like I did not have enough time or my product was not good enough. After much planning and a lot of encouragement from my sweet husband, I took the plunge. I finally opened my own Etsy shop! I am terrified and excited all at the same time. The shop is still a little bare bones right now but in time I will add more products I have coming down the pipeline.

Here is the link to my Etsy shop LoveDoingLife



Asking for help is another tough thing for me. Again, as a perfectionist asking for help is not really something I do. I would rather do it myself than delegate. Before I opened my Etsy shop, I asked my mom to proof read everything and give me feedback on my listings. Once I got the feedback from her and later my husband I felt good about my products. I am also having my mom create a few digital items for the appearance of the shop. My mom was more than happy to do those things for me and it allowed me to focus on other tasks.



You would not think that working smart would be a tough thing to do for a perfectionist but for some reason this particular challenge was/is really hard for me. I find myself getting distracted a lot. My to do list is always so long and I feel myself getting pulled in a lot of different directions. I have a couple of different ideas in mind to keep myself organized but if anyone has any ideas PLEASE SHARE!



I loved this challenge! Enjoying the now is all about the journey and NOT the destination. I had to stop myself and look at the day-to-day happenings and really take delight in everything it takes to get to the finished product. The desired outcome would not be half as fun if I did not enjoy the steps getting there.


If I can only truly Love Doing Life in a couple of areas in my life than something needs to be re-evaluated. Bringing happiness into my work place was definitely challenging but a challenge worth accepting.

How do you bring happiness into your workplace? Let me know in the comments below!


4 Ways To Bring Happiness Into Your Workplace // http://www.lovedoinglife.com/4-ways-to-bring-happiness-into-your-work-place