Today is my 31st birthday!! I just love birthdays, don’t you? One day dedicated to one person. Celebrating and cherishing that person. Birthdays are wonderful and as I thought about how the past year went my heart began to smile. I have had such a wonderful year and a beautiful life. So today I am going to share with you 31 things to do before you turn 31.

31 Things To Do Before You’re 31

Go to the beach

I have lived most of my life close to the beach and I love it. Going to the beach is very therapeutic. All my troubles melt away into the ocean.

Surf in the ocean

I only tried to surf once, it didn’t end well. Haha! It is much harder than it looks.

Go on a date

Seeing as I am married I have definitely been on a date or two. 😉 Dating is fun and exciting and I love dating my husband!

Own a pet

Owning a pet taught me responsibility and a lot about yourself. How I do under pressure and handle scary situations.

Ride a motorcycle

When my husband and I first met, he had a motorcycle. It was actually the thing that made me introduce myself. (That is another story for another time 😉 )

Go whitewater rafting

On my honeymoon, the one thing my husband wanted to do was go white water rafting. I am terrified of white water rafting but I did it for my new husband. Turns out, I hated every second of it. Haha! At least I tried it.

Visit the Biltmore Estate

I love everything about the Biltmore Estate. When Downton Abbey first aired I was obsessed. I just love everything about that time period. The clothing. The homes. The way of life. So fascinating! Fun Fact: My husband and I went to the Biltmore Estate on our honeymoon and did wine tasting while there. We picked up a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. So every year on our anniversary we drink a bottle of Biltmore Cabernet Sauvignon.

This photo was taken on our honeymoon in front of the Biltmore Estate.

See snow

I definitely don’t prefer the cold but I love that I have seen, lived, played, and driven in snow.

Experience a hurricane

There is something very sobering about experiencing a hurricane.

Own a home

I love owning a home. I love to decorate and create a welcoming environment. Owning a home has also taught me that adulting is hard. Haha!

This photo was taken the day we bought our home and I was six months pregnant.


Host a party

Hosting parties has really taught me time management, budgeting, and grace. So many things can wrong during a party and how the situation is a great learning experience. It also helped me have a greater appreciation for waiters and waitresses.


Babysitting taught me so much about caring for another human life. There is so much to think about and do and sheds a light on how precious life is.

Explore a new city

I have had the opportunity to explore a few new cities in my life but my favorite one would have to be New York City. New York City will always have a special place in my heart.

We are such babies! This was in March of 2009 in Times Square.


Learn to dance/a new dance

I know learning a new dance or how to dance in general can be scary but it really teaches you so much about yourself and how to problem solve.

Go snow skiing

Snow skiing is so much fun, you should try it once if you haven’t already. It has been a number of years since I’ve snow skied but hope to do it again soon.

Donate your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

I have donated my hair to cancer patients a few times and it is the best feeling. If you have the capability to do so, I highly recommend it!


I did a lot of volunteering in high school and was so much fun. Volunteering is something everyone should do at least once. Caring for others is so needed right now.

Sing Karaoke

Summer of 2008 I went to a Karaoke place in Atlanta, GA and completely embarrassed myself singing Mariah Carey. Everyone should have a good embarrassing Karaoke story.

Learn to paint

Painting is therapeutic. I highly recommend learning to paint if you need an outlet to relieve stress. Fun fact: First semester freshman year I was an art major.

Go camping

Camping has helped me appreciate the wonderful conveniences we have in our home. Fun fact: I hate camping. Haha! I need a sedative if I go camping. I am way too paranoid.

Run a 5K

I ran a 5K a couple years ago without any training and it took 45 minutes, haha! I would love to do another one but with training. They are fun, a good family activity, and a great physical activity.

Go wine tasting

Wine tasting is so fun. When my husband and I were first married we lived in the North Georgia area. In North Georgia, there are several wineries. The view is gorgeous and a really fun date!

At a winery in North Georgia.


Get a will

This is super important, especially if you are married, own a home or car, or have children. Give it a lot of thought and just know when you go through the process it will be very depressing. However, I have such peace concerning our future now that we have a will. Also, go do something fun after you have it done. You will need some cheering up.

Sew something

I really believe that learning to sew something, even if it’s just a button, will encourage you to take good care of your clothing. I have sewn a dress, buttons, pillowcases, red fringe ballroom costume and a lace clutch. Completing those projects has also taught me problem-solving skills.

The lace clutch I designed from scratch and sowed myself.


Get a massage

If you have never had a massage drop what you are doing and go now! It is amazing!!

Ride a horse

Fun fact: I am deathly afraid of horses and the only time I ever rode one I almost got thrown off. I don’t know that I will ever ride another horse but I am glad I faced my fear.

Go to a concert

I have had the opportunity to go to several concerts. I’ve seen John Mayer, Michael Buble, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Gabe Dixon Band, Jonny Lang to name a few. Concerts are so fun and I thoroughly enjoy seeing musicians perform live.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum

I love the Met!! There is so much to see and learn and we are lucky to have access to that much history and art.

See something on Broadway

My first Broadway show was Phantom Of the Opera. It was simply incredible! I loved every minute. Twyla Tharp’s Moving Out! (Especially if you love Billy Joel) I have also seen Chicago. It is a must see!!!

Learn to play an instrument

In the sixth grade, I learn to play the Flute and continued to play for the next year or so. I really did not enjoy playing an instrument but what it did do was help me see, hear, and appreciate music differently. I do recommend taking some lessons. Who knows, you may even like it!

Fall in love

Falling in love is indescribable. Finding that one person you can truly be yourself around. Who won’t judge you for “breaking wind” HAHA! Someone who will do anything for you and do it with a glad heart. Someone who wants to spend every minute of every day with you. A person who laughs and cries with you. A person who gets you and loves everything about you. Falling in love is not an infatuation it is a daily choice to put someone else before you. When you can connect with someone on a spiritual, physical, emotional, and cognitive level and enjoy every moment of it, that’s when the fireworks happen.

My love.


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I hope my list has inspired you to try something new! What is one thing you would add to the list? Let’s chat!





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